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Amid auto repair shops and fading karaoke lounges, an influx of bars, restaurants and boutiques has transformed the stretch of South Ossington between Queen and Dundas into Toronto's latest and greatest destination for drinking and dining. Cozy up to locals at Sweaty Betty's, Dakota Tavern or the Crooked Star. Try to get a table at Foxley or Delux or join the weekend revelers at LeVack Block, Reposado or The Ossington. When all else fails there's always the city's best pho (and cheap Tsing Tao) at Golden Turtle.

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Academy of Lions / Fitness Clubs

64 Ossington Avenue 416.538.4967 Website
Academy of Lions

Academy of Lions is one of a few options for west ender's looking for a CrossFit-affiliated work out space. Newly settled into its third location near Ossington and Dundas, the...

Alex Rei dos Leitoes / Restaurants

219 Ossington Avenue 416.537.3175
Alex Rei dos Leitoes

With 38 years in the same location, Alex Rei dos Leitoes has watched its fair share of gentrifying upstarts come and go, and has fed them all. The chicken is...

Annie Aime / Fashion Stores

42 Ossington Ave 416.840.5227 Website
Annie Aime

Annie Aime is the latest concept shop to set up camp on the stretch of Ossington which has seen an incredible influx of new storess, restaurants and even gourmet butchers...

Baby Huey / Bars

110 Ossington Ave 416.992.5462 Website
Baby Huey

Baby Huey is the second incarnation of one of Toronto's favourite bars. After closing up shop, Baby Huey moved up the street to a new and improved location further north...

Ballet / Bars

227A Ossington Avenue 647.352.8253 Website

Ballet is an event venue/lounge/nightclub on Ossington located in the space where Jezebel used to be. Like Jezebel, Ballet features burlesque and other types of performance while encouraging patrons to...

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery / Baked Goods

93 Ossington Ave.
Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery is an offshoot of the notoriously fabulous Bakerbots bakery. The new digs don't have the cute touches of Bakerbots, but the vaulted ceiling, white...

Bazara Asian Cuisine / Restaurants

188 Ossington Ave. 647.748.8226 Website
Bazara Asian Cuisine

Bazara Asian Cuisine offers a prix fixe lunch menu with choices of items like hot and sour soup, spring rolls, pad thai and sushi, with similar, though more varied, offerings...

Bellwoods Brewery / Restaurants

124 Ossington Ave. 416.535.4586 Website
Bellwoods Brewery

Bellwoods Brewery is one of three new restaurants to open on Ossington in the last month, along with The Saint and Hawker Bar. Still in its first month, the brewpub,...

Bellwoods Tattoo / Services

104 Ossington Ave 647.348.8833 Website
Bellwoods Tattoo

Bellwoods Tattoo is an Ossington parlour that mainly does colourful traditional pieces and black and white designs. If you're into highly detailed work, it's worth checking out. Photo via Bellwoods...

Bobbie Sue's / Restaurants

162 Ossington Ave. 647.352.2762 Website
Bobbie Sue's

Bobbie Sue's is Toronto's first all-mac and cheese eatery tucked away on Foxley just off Ossington in the compact space that was formerly Philip Sparks' shop. It's the latest...

Boehmer / Restaurants

93 Ossington Avenue 416.531.3800 Website

Boehmer is the first restaurant by Toronto chef Paul Boehmer (ex. Ultra Supper Club, Spoke Club) and finally he has a place he can let his cooking do the talking....

Borealia / Restaurants

59 Ossington Ave. 647.351.5100 Website

Borealia on Ossington is a novel 45-seat restaurant devoted to revitalizing and modernizing the historic cuisines of native, early settlers and subsequent waves of immigrants to Canada. Newly opened by proprietors...

BQM Ossington / Restaurants

210 Ossington Avenue 416.850.1919 Website
BQM Ossington

BQM Burger on Ossington is the local spot for gourmet burgers, poutine and onion rings. They also have chicken pot pie and hot chicken sandwiches....

Buffer Nails & Waxing / Fashion Stores

123 Ossington Avenue 416.530.1900 Website
Buffer Nails & Waxing

Buffer Nails & Waxing on Ossington offers all the basic nail and wax services. They do polish changes, manis, pedis, shellac, and other fancy stuff. Their waxing is reasonably priced...

Coffee Public (Youngplace) / Cafes

180 Shaw St. 416.836.9646 Website
Coffee Public (Youngplace)

Coffee Public is brought to you by the same people behind the Coffee Pub on Bay St.. Find it inside the Artscape Youngplace on Shaw....

Community 54 (Ossington) / Fashion Stores

216 Ossington Avenue 647.351.5454 Website
Community 54 (Ossington)

Community 54 looks after its ladies. After many years of operating two locations (a flagship in New York and a neighbourhood staple in Parkdale), the boutique's founders Joel Reilly, Daymon...

Cote de Boeuf / Grocery Stores

130 Ossington Ave. 416.532.2333 Website
Cote de Boeuf

Cote de Bœuf is a butcher shop and food store opened by the owners of Union, brothers Chasen Gillies and Teo Paul. The shop is just up the street...

Crafted by Te Aro / Cafes

135 Ossington Avenue 416.465.2006 Website
Crafted by Te Aro

Crafted By Te Aro is the latest addition to ever growing Lower Ossington. An outpost, if you will, of the popular original Leslieville location, Crafted brings westward a fancy...

Crywolf / Fashion Stores

91 Ossington Ave 647.729.7078 Website

Crywolf is a boutique on Ossington with a down-to-earth vibe and a fun spirit. Owners Rose Chang and Stephanie Drabik operate as a total team effort, sharing the responsibilities for...

Dakota Tavern / Bars

249 Ossington Avenue 416.850.4579 Website
Dakota Tavern

The Dakota Tavern is a subterranean throwback to the dusty saloons depicted in classic American westerns. The walls are littered with guns, mounted horns, boomerangs, band posters, and snowy Canadian...

Emporium by I Miss You / Fashion Stores

63 Ossington Ave 416.916.7021 Website
Emporium by I Miss You

Emporium by I Miss You has nothing of the dust-collecting chachkies vaguely suggested by the words vintage and emporium. Nor does it have the Value Village-salvaged trinkets suddenly turned...

Foxley / Restaurants

207 Ossington Avenue 416.534.8520

Foxley Bistro is new, yet it still has a past. The menu is fresh, but not without its own unique history. Foodies all over Toronto are excited about it, but...

G Gallery / Galleries

134 Ossington Street 647.340.3998 Website
G Gallery

G Gallery (from the University of Guelph) isn't the average art school gallery. First of all, it adheres to only one restriction: "No current student work." Visitors to the space,...

Golden Turtle / Restaurants

125 Ossington Ave 416.531.1601
Golden Turtle

I live near a stretch on Ossington (between Queen and Dundas) overflowing with vietnamese eateries. I'm a regular customer of one of them, a place called Golden Turtle (otherwise known...

Hawker Bar / Restaurants

164 Ossington Avenue 647.343.4698 Website
Hawker Bar

Hawker Bar is the latest manifestation of the street food that's hit Toronto — Singaporean street food to be exact. Located on Lower Ossington, Hawker joins the Saint as a...

Hermann & Audrey / Galleries

12 Ossington Avenue 647.352.4450 Website
Hermann & Audrey

Hermann & Audrey is Dundas West's multipurpose studio and gallery space. The gallery hosts exhibitions across all kinds of artistic mediums and showcases the work from artists in Toronto and...

Hero Heroine / Fashion Stores

216 Ossington Ave. 416.532.4376 Website
Hero Heroine

Hero Heroine, in some ways, is exactly what you'd expect a high-end salon to look like: An ultra-modern, all-white space, with everything new and gleaming. But the mood in the...

Hungry Amoo / Restaurants

74 Ossington Ave 647.352.7474 Website
Hungry Amoo

Hungry Amoo is a snack bar in a strip of similar alcohol-centric, sharing-heavy restaurants on Lower Ossington. Amoo means uncle in Farsi, which is fitting seeing as this joint is run...

I Deal Coffee (Ossington) / Cafes

162 Ossington Avenue 416.534.7700 Website
I Deal Coffee (Ossington)

I Deal Coffee on Ossington is the second location of the popular coffee house. With the original still thriving in Kensington Market, this Ossington outpost also has an under-designed feel...

I Miss You / Fashion Stores

63 Ossington Avenue 416.916.7021 Website
I Miss You

I Miss You is one of those stores that I tend to avoid for fear of dropping mad cash, as the sheer girth of the wad I'm usually tempted to...

Interaccess / Galleries

9 Ossington Ave 416.532.0597 Website

InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre is a gallery and production space dedicated to expanding the cultural space of technology. For 30 years, the organization has played a critical role in...

Jimmy's Coffee (Ossington) / Cafes

15 Ossington Avenue Website
Jimmy's Coffee (Ossington)

Jimmy's Coffee has opened a new location on Ossington. Replacing Silver Falls Vintage, the fourth edition to Jimmy's Coffee adds to a growing rivalry in a coffee crowded neighbourhood. Minutes...

Jonathan + Olivia / Fashion Stores

49 Ossington Ave 416.849.5956 Website
Jonathan + Olivia

Jonathan + Olivia is an Ossington staple. Having been open for six years in Toronto after a successful debut in Vancouver, the boutique has established itself as a go-to for...

La Cubana (Ossington) / Restaurants

92 Ossington Avenue 416.537.0134 Website
La Cubana (Ossington)

La Cubana has already established itself on Roncesvalles as a brunch-time favourite, but at its newer location on Ossington, things are slightly different. The Cuban luncheonette does not in fact,...

La Porte / Bars

214 Ossington Ave 416.688.2481 Website
La Porte

La Porte is a new bar at Dundas and Ossington. Just a few months old, it's already known for hosting themed nights, impressive DJs and drinks specials. I visited La Porte...

La Saucisserie / Restaurants

229 Ossington Ave. 647.348.8989 Website
La Saucisserie

La Saucisserie has taken over the former address of Yours Truly on Ossington immediately south of Dundas. It's a concept, much like Wvrst, devoted to beer and sausages, but it's...

LOLA Salon / Fashion Stores

200 Ossington Avenue 647.351.5652 Website
LOLA Salon

LOLA Salon opened on Ossington after breaking from the popular Parlour salon that's just down the street. I had a haircut at Parlour last year and later heard that the...

Lost & Found (Ossington) / Fashion Stores

44 Ossington Ave. 647.348.2810 Website
Lost & Found (Ossington)

Lost & Found on Ossington is version 2.0 of their now-closed boutique on Dundas West. The menswear/coffee shop hybrid is just as down-to-earth as before - white walls, exposed brick,...

LoversLand / Fashion Stores

215 Ossington Ave. 416,551.3321 Website

LoversLand is a new shop catering to offbeat brides (and the people that love them, plus all their friends). Open just a few weeks on Ossington, the romantic, relaxed store...

Mamakas / Restaurants

80 Ossington Ave. 416.519.5996 Website

Mamakas is an elegant 85-seat Greek taverna on Ossington. Drawing on his heritage for inspiration, owner Thanos Tripi describes for me his childhood spent in kitchens while his mother and...

Misfit Studio (Ossington) / Fitness Clubs

761 Queen St. West, 3rd Floor 647.271.9037 Website
Misfit Studio (Ossington)

Misfit Studio on Ossington is just a few blocks away from Misfit's first studio on Queen. This location extends its focus on movement and dance with the addition of barre,...

Moliceiro / Restaurants

216 Ossington Avenue 647.345.3019 Website

Moliceiro is a Portuguese restaurant located just south of where Dundas and Ossington meet. Its menu includes Portuguese piri piri shrimp, churrasco chicken and a unique take on mac n'...

Oddseoul / Restaurants

90 Ossington Avenue

Oddseoul, a new late-night eatery is now open on Ossington. Brothers and co-owners Leeto and Leemo Han are already known for their four-year old Korean restaurant, Swish by Han, but...

Omaw / Restaurants

88 Ossington Avenue 416.477.5450 Website

Omaw, a much-anticipated collaboration between chef Matt Blondin (Acadia, Momofuku Daisho) and the Food Dudes (Brent McClenahan and Adrian Niman), is a Southern-inspired restaurant in what used to be nightlife...

Painted Lady / Bars

218 Ossington Ave 647.213.5239 Website
Painted Lady

The Painted Lady has been my favourite bar on the Ossington strip this year, which all started when I ended up there on Easter Sunday only to hear a DJ...

Parlour / Fashion Stores

6 Ossington Avenue 647.345.6663 Website

Parlour has opened on Ossington becoming the second salon in as many years to call the strip south of Dundas home. I first discovered it a few weeks back when...

Peace Collective / Fashion Stores

131 Ossington Avenue 416.889.1091 Website
Peace Collective

Peace Collective has a flagship store for their clothing brand at Ossington and Argyle. Well-known for their apparel featuring graphic tees with a minimal, mostly black-and-white colour story, the pride...

Peace Treats / Restaurants

131 Ossington 416.889.1091 Website
Peace Treats

Peace Treats is a gourmet milkshake bar and more located inside Peace Collective on Ossington. The retailer found a big space to stock their simple but innovative Peace Collective clothing...

Pho Tien Thanh / Restaurants

57 Ossington Ave. 416.588.6997
Pho Tien Thanh

The first thing I notice walking into Pho Tien Thanh on a Saturday evening is the crowd: every table is full. The second thing I observe is the hush. Pho...

Pizzeria Libretto / Restaurants

221 Ossington Avenue 416.532.8000 Website
Pizzeria Libretto

Pizzeria Libretto has been open less than a week and it's already getting more pixel buzz than the latest Britney meltdown, Pizzeria Libretto could possibly be the best pizza in...

Rashers (Ossington) / Restaurants

182 Ossington Avenue 647.346.8230 Website
Rashers (Ossington)

Rashers makes really good bacon sandwiches. Toronto's east side already knows it, but now the other end of the city can get in on the secret too. Just like at...

Reposado / Bars

136 Ossington Ave. 416.532.6474 Website

Reposado on Ossington has just what you'd expect - tequila. But this isn't your run-of-the-mill Mexican themed bar. You won't find any tacky sombreros or other Mexican paraphernalia on the...

Rescue Vintage / Fashion Stores

102 Ossington Avenue 416.533.0443 Website
Rescue Vintage

Rescue Vintage, if not for the chalkboard sign sitting loudly on the sidewalk, is easy to miss for the everyday Ossington passer-by. Though hidden by well-kept hedges, the storefront is...

Rotate This (Ossington Ave.) / Services

186 Ossington Ave. 416.504.8447 Website
Rotate This (Ossington Ave.)

Rotate This is one of Toronto's most revered record shops. After almost 25 years on West Queen West, the shop moved to Ossington in late February 2016. The reason for...

Salt Wine Bar / Restaurants

225 Ossington Avenue 416.533.7258 Website
Salt Wine Bar

Salt Wine Bar on Lower Ossington has had a long struggle to get up and running but that's a story we've all heard many times. What matters is that now,...

Shoppe and Tailor / Fashion Stores

428 Ossington Ave. 647.350.3988 Website
Shoppe and Tailor

Shoppe and Tailor specializes in breathing new life into well-loved, worn-down pieces. That's true of owner Maegan McWade's tailoring business, which she runs out of the tiny basement studio, but...

Soos / Restaurants

94 Ossington Ave. 416.901.7667 Website

Soos is the newest addition to Ossington's thriving restaurant scene, taking over the address from French restaurant parAMOUR. The new Malaysian eatery and bar is a family endeavour, owned and...

Studio Gang / Fashion Stores

112A Ossington Avenue 416.536.4264
Studio Gang

More details coming soon....

Stylegarage (Ossington) / Design Stores

78 Ossington Avenue 416.534.4343 Website
Stylegarage (Ossington)

Stylegarage on Ossington is a big step up from their former location on Queen at Shaw. The new space took over the AWOL Gallery and the old elevator warehouse, and...

Sweaty Betty's / Bars

13 Ossington Ave 416.535.6861
Sweaty Betty's

Do not ride your bike over to Sweaty Betty's on a Friday or Saturday night. This place attracts fixie- and cruiser-riders like an indie rock concert, yet there are no...

Te / Restaurants

70 Ossington Ave. 647.348.8009 Website

Te is a tea themed snack bar where small plates and cocktails mix Asian and American influences. The space, formerly Baby Huey, is not particularly evocative. There's nothing really to...

Telegramme Prints (Ossington) / Galleries

194 Ossington Avenue 647.351.8998 Website
Telegramme Prints (Ossington)

Telegramme Prints, with their new, second location on Lower Ossington, is a one-stop shop for all things art, framing, posters and printing. Without a doubt, it's the premier store for...

The Grow Op / Restaurants

222 Ossington Ave. 416.532.9999 Website
The Grow Op

The Grow Op probably isn't what you may first assume it to be upon hearing its name; it doesn't sell special brownies (you know which ones I mean) - instead,...

The Ossington / Bars

61 Ossington Avenue 416.850.0161
The Ossington

In the midst of my weekend shopping a couple months ago I ducked into The Ossington for some sustenance and shelter from the cold. The beautiful barista Danielle warmed me...

The Pedal Stop / Services

127 Ossington Ave 647.352.3240 Website
The Pedal Stop

The Pedal Stop is nestled at the northeast corner of Ossington and Argyle, just south of Little Portugal's gateway, west of Trinity Bellwoods. Plain and unassuming from the outside, the...

The Well / Bars

121 Ossington Avenue Website
The Well

The Well landed itself a coveted spot on Lower Ossington this past spring, taking over from the short-lived pasta place just down from Golden Turtle. Billed as a cafe and...

Tiger of Sweden / Fashion Stores

56 Ossington Ave 416.588.4437 Website
Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden opened on Ossington last week as the latest addition to the influx of new luxe designer boutiques along what's quickly become one of the city's most covetable...

Town Barber / Fashion Stores

1114 Dundas St. West 416.399.3499 Website
Town Barber

Town Barber is one of the city's newest barber shops - and yet, it's already more storied than some of Toronto's most established shops. Shop owner Chris Hammell (his friends...

TwoBirds Bridesmaid / Fashion Stores

215 Ossington Avenue 647.352.2473 Website
TwoBirds Bridesmaid

TwoBirds Bridesmaid has locations in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the U.S., and has opened up a location in Toronto. The company is founded on the idea that bridesmaids dresses...

Union / Restaurants

72 Ossington Ave 416.850.0093

After a year of renovating, Union on Ossington has finally opened its doors. The chef behind the restaurant is a lad named Teo Paul, a Toronto native, who spent years...

Unleashed in the City / Services

45 Ossington Avenue 647.345.3306 Website
Unleashed in the City

Unleashed in the City is all about active, healthy pups, and promises lots of ball-chasing and pack running (along with the occasional couch snooze) during a day at its Ossington...

VdeV / Design Stores

120 Ossington Ave. 647.348.3381 Website

VdeV hasn't had a hard time fitting in on Ossington, giving a fresh take on a space that previously hosted clothing pop-up shops. Walking in reminds me of entering H&M...

Venezia Bakery / Baked Goods

114 Ossington Avenue 416.537.2914
Venezia Bakery

Venezia Bakery at the corner of Ossington and Argyle specializes in Portuguese bread and baked treats. It's also a good spot to stop for a morning espresso. ...

Victoire Boutique / Fashion Stores

129 A Ossington Avenue 416.588.6978 Website
Victoire Boutique

Victoire Boutique is a brand-new face on lower Ossington. But ask any fashion fan from Ottawa, and it's likely a name they'll already know. Victoire's two original boutiques, both located in...

Williams Craig Design Studio / Design Stores

38 Ossington Avenue 416.516.2177 Website
Williams Craig Design Studio

Williams Craig Design Studio is making use of its new streetside digs by combining its corporate business with its own carefully curated design boutique. The firm spent more than 13 years...

YogaSpace / Fitness Clubs

148 Ossington Avenue 416.516.9940 Website

YogaSpace is a busy studio. They run back-to-back classes daily, filling the common areas with rotating and anxious yogis-in-waiting. I had barely enough time to pack up my mat and...

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