Cherry Beach

The best makeout spots in Toronto: #3 Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach always invokes warm, fuzzy feelings in me, simply because it's one of the best places in Toronto to receive a wet, slobbery kiss from a new canine friend. That's certainly a form of public affection I will wholeheartedly endorse.

But for those who aren't satisfied with loving gestures that are inevitably followed by inappropriate sniffs, Cherry Beach at Cherry St. and Unwin is conducive to human intimate interaction (surely not as good) as well.

Cherry Beach

I would suggest starting your trip to Cherry Beach a little while before dusk, allowing you and your partner time to enjoy a shared laugh at the expense of surfers wiping out in the not-terribly-polluted water. There's nothing like giggles between lovers to ignite the romance.

Cherry Beach

As night falls, you'll surely need to ignite something else, lest you be left in the pitch darkness of Cherry Beach. Unlike many other Toronto beaches, which are illuminated by neighbouring city lights or their own, Cherry Beach, in its solemn reclusiveness, is left to fade with the evening. "How romantic!" you might think. And then memories of you (literally and figuratively) trying to navigate in the dark with your schoolyard crush wafts over, and you decide to opt for a fire, or else (for the fatally chivalrous) an iPhone flashlight.

Cherry Beach

There's a dock, a few logs, and lots of expansive beach, but the best spot for necking is by the old 1930's lifesaving station. That way, you're not just a couple getting it on in the dark, but a couple getting it on in the dark while appreciating a vintage structure. It's all in the details. With little light, as mentioned, you're likely to experience some decent privacy, but you can rule out holding hands and gazing at the view.

Cherry Beach

The sounds and smells of a beach at nighttime (note--a beach away from the core, unless you want to experience a different musk) are sensual reminders of the ephemeral nature of summer, sure to elicit "let's make the most of it" feelings. Cherry Beach is surely the place to make the most of it. Especially (and perhaps, only) when the parking lot is full.

Cherry Beach Roundup

Privacy: Perhaps a little too much

A good year-round spot? Unless you can find somewhere to plug in a space heater...


Watch out for: Things that go bump in the night. Not a euphemism

Cherry BeachCherry Beach

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A special thanks to Trojan Condoms for sponsoring this 10 part series on the best makeout spots in Toronto.

Photos by Jesse Milns

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