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Where to get viral chili crunch in Toronto that isn't made by 'trademark bully' Momofuku

Momofuku's chili crunch has been making headlines for the past few weeks for some not-so-great reasons, but if all of the buzz about the condiment is only serving to make you hungry, you may be wondering where you can find the topping in Toronto.

If you don't know about the controversy, famed restaurateur and Momofuku founder David Chang has been sending cease-and-desist letters to smaller companies using the term "chili crunch," which he is now trying to trademark solely for his own Momofuku-branded product.

For those wanting to veer away from the Momofuku name in light of this but who are still looking to enjoy the spicy, garlicky (and yes, crispy) oil in their dishes, there are a number of alternatives available at stores across the city if you don't want to make your own at home.

Here are just a few and where to get them:

Super Magic Taste Chili Crisp

momofuku chili crunch torontoThis brand of the drool-worthy sauce is from right here in Toronto, and is available at dozens of independent shops across the city and all over the province.

Find the trendily stylized jar at stores like Fresh and Wild Food Market, Fiesta Farms, Ambrosia Natural Foods, Bruno's Fine Foods, Sunnyside Provisions or the Big Carrot Community Market.

It is also stocked on the shelves of restaurants like Good Behaviour, Animal Liberation Kitchen, Burdock Brewery and Blackbird Baking Co.

Find a full list on their website.

MìLà Chili Crunch

momofuku chili crunch torontoOntario-raised celeb Simu Liu is the chief content officer of this company, which also makes other sauces, along with delectable soup dumplings, noodles and ice cream.

MìLà is one of the firms recently slammed with a cease-and-desist, a move that Siu said was "bullying."

"Asian chili crunches actually predate all of our businesses and will endure long after. Trying to claim ownership of it is like trying to claim 'ketchup' or 'mayo'. There's room for all in the marketplace, from the mom and pops to the MiLas and Momos!" he wrote on X last week.

While you can purchase MìLà's chili crips at select Costcos and other supermarkets south of the border, you're likely best off ordering it online to get it in Toronto.

Zing Hakka-Ish Chili Crisp

momofuku chili crunch torontoZing calls its Hakka-Ish Chili Crisp its "flagship pantry shortcut and all-around bestseller," boasting balance inspired by Sichuanese and Indo-Chinese flavours such as cumin, cardamom and of course, Sichuan peppercorns.

Shop the top-rated chili crisp online or at Toronto stores such as Coco Market, Sanagan's Meat Locker, Summerhill Market, Healthy Planet and, randomly, Indigo.

Fly by Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp

momofuku chili crunch torontoOne of the most outspoken on the Momofuku chili crisp issue has been Fly by Jing owner Jing Gao, who is also a stakeholder in the next brand of chili crisp on this list — another of those that received a cease-and-desist.

In an impassioned blog post last week, she calls the name chili crisp "a descriptive term for a cultural product, one that has existed in Chinese cuisine for hundreds of years."

You can find her brand of the sauce at shops like Auntie's SupplyGood Egg and Coco Market, along with Maker Pizza and Dark Horse Espresso Bar locations.

Homiah Sambal Chili Crunch

momofuku chili crunch torontoHomiah calls its sweet, spicy and savoury chili crunch "addictive," and offers it in shrimp or vegan flavours.

Though its online store locator does not show it available in Canada, it appears to be available at small shops Truly Market in Markham and Bisou Dates in Ottawa — and ostensibly similar stores in the GTA — for those who don't want to buy from the website.

In-house labels of big grocery chains

momofuku chili crunch torontoWhy support the commandeering Momofuku when you could support the arguably even more evil Loblaws? Galen Weston indeed has his own version of the stuff, President's Choice Black Label Crispy Chili Crunchy Condiment, which is listed for $4.49 (but out of stock) online.

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