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Costco vs Loblaws price comparison shows what you can get for $100 at each store

With soaring food prices, where you shop can make a huge difference on your grocery bill.

Lately, stores owned by Loblaw have been in the hot seat when it comes to food inflation.

The grocery giant is regularly trending on Twitter with people complaining about so-called "sale prices" on products.

While there have been several accounts of kitchen staples selling for outrageous prices at Loblaws, how does a shopping trip there compare to a big-box store like Costco?

Twitter user @Vitamin_D_77 recently shared a photo visualizing how much you can get for $100 at each store.

"On the left 100$ at Costco and the right 100$ at loblaws," they tweeted on Sunday.

The two Loblaws bins on the right are filled with smaller items like boxes of hot pockets, a bag of baby carrots, what looks to be apple sauce, and other illegible products.

The Costco bins on the left are filled with a bulk amount of bread, bananas, what looks like large bottles of fruit juice, a big box from Kellogg's, two packs of Coke bottles, and more.

One look at the photo may crown Costco as the winner, but others disagreed in the Twitter user’s replies.

"A large box of bananas bread and juice versus food, butter etc. Why didn’t you buy The same items in both places and compare pricing? Not a valid comparison but nice try," replied one person.

"If you say so," replied @Vitamin_D_77.

Another person says they wouldn’t shop at either store.

"Costco is still very expensive for a single person i would rather shop at the mom and pop shops f both corporations," they tweeted.

Still, while the big-box chain is praised for maintaining its hot dog-and-soda combo at $1.50 amid inflation, Loblaws is being dragged for some stores asking for proof of payment before exiting.

Where would you rather shop? Costco, Loblaws, or neither?

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Fareen Karim

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