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Toronto restaurant has to put special stickers on their Uber Eats orders due to bad reviews

A Toronto restaurant has found themselves in a sticky situation, forced to put special stickers on their Uber Eats orders due to the bad reviews they've been getting because their food is being delivered cold.

"Sadly, the worst reviews that we have on Google are from Uber Eats," reads a post by Mexican restaurant Frisaca that has been circulating on social media.

"We cannot control the driver's arrival to [the] customer's place because drivers often have more orders to be delivered, plus traffic, weather, transportation, etc. So, food gets soggy and cold and eating it like that isn't how it is meant to be enjoyed. So, we have decided to stick this note on our delivery bags! No drama mama!"

The sticker tells customers to take note of the arrival time of their Uber Eats order of Frisaca's food and instructs them on how to reheat it properly if it's received outside a specific window.

Owner Sal Cerna says their Google reviews have dipped from 4.7 to 4.5 due to bad reviews dropping their rating score.

"10 reviews with five points give a 5 rating in Google. 11 reviews, 10 with five points and one review with one point gives a 4.6 rating in Google," Cerna tells blogTO, saying he noticed the majority of negative reviews were from Uber Eats customers.

"They have described their experience of our food as 'awful, 'cold,' 'garbage,' 'nasty,' 'flat' and 'unflavoured,'" says Cerna.

"We made the stickers because we care about our customer's experience and satisfaction. This is our number one priority."

As far as using the stickers to help with the problem goes, he says: "So far so good, today at least."

"We want to help ensure clients enjoy our food as it's meant to be enjoyed," says Cerna.

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Fareen Karim at Frisaca

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