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Toronto celebrity explains the perfection of beef patties to 'ignorant west coasters'

We here in Toronto know our fair city is home to one of the most perfect foods in the entire world, via the Caribbean: the beef patty.

It's such a popular food that it even has its own day, and some argue that it should be the official food of the city, even over the historically iconic peameal bacon sandwich.

Now, the quintessential street snack that scents our subway stations with its spicy, meaty aroma has a new defender: Hollywood star Simu Liu.

The Toronto actor has had a meteoric rise from Kim's Convenience to Marvel movies, but hasn't forgotten his roots, especially when it comes to food and culture. He even recently got Bill Gates to try out another Toronto favourite: bubble tea.

simu liu toronto

Simu Liu posted to social media about the "perfection" of patties. Screenshot via Simu Liu.

The celebrity took to his Instagram story to air his opinions about beef patties this week:

"Trying to explain to all your ignorant ass west coasters the f**king perfection that is a perfectly baked Jamaican beef patty," Liu posted to his story.

"There is truly nothing like it and served with a jerk chicken or goat curry on a bed of Jamaican rice oh my GOD ARE YOU KIDDING ME. IT'S OVER. I really missed Toronto you guys."

simu liu toronto

Liu also asked for LA recs for patties on social media. Screenshot via Simu Liu.

Toronto has lots of great places to get patties, and surely they'd welcome back a customer like Simu Liu with open arms. He continued in his story:

"You have no idea the deliciousness that lurks beneath the surface of this perfectly flaky pastry," he wrote, posting a picture of a patty.

"If there are solid recs in LA, hit up my DM's I am HERE FOR IT. But fr though good luck cuz the bar is HIGH."

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Hector Vasquez at Allwyn's

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