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Sean Paul just surprised staff by showing up at a Toronto ramen restaurant

A Toronto ramen restaurant just got a big surprise when Sean Paul showed up for a chance visit.

Hopefully the dancehall star found the "Temperature" of his steamy noodle soup to be satisfactory when he ate at Midori Ramen recently.

Sean Paul was in town for his concert here last week, and was chatting with former blogTO host Deepa Prashad during a radio interview which led him to find out about Midori's limited-edition truffle ramen.

"He saw her Instagram post about our truffle ramen and told her it looked so good and he had to try it because he loves truffle," Midori marketing manager Lyris Tsang tells blogTO.

He arrived at Midori the day after his concert for lunch with his crew, who all happily took photos with the staff there. It was Sean Paul's first ever visit to the restaurant on Queen West.

"They were all super nice," says Tsang.

"He also got karaage and some hot green tea to soothe his hangover. We tried to offer them all some sake bombs, but they said they still felt drunk from the night before. He actually had his truffle ramen with kale noodles, a special offering we have in addition to the traditional thin and thick ramen noodles."

One of Midori's head chefs, Natsu, who's seen in a video with Sean Paul posted to Midori's social media, had been to a Sean Paul concert 15 years ago and was over the moon to be serving the star his food.

"We know he loved it cause he cleared the whole bowl and finished all his soup," says Tsang. "The best way to enjoy ramen."

Since the truffle ramen is limited edition it's actually only available for one more weekend, meaning you only have a little time left to eat the same ramen as Sean Paul.

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Midori Ramen

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