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Toronto is getting a Michelin guide and it's already proving to be controversial

Toronto is officially getting a Michelin guide. As first reported by blogTO, the guide will mark Canada's first participation in the global restaurant guidebook that was first published in 1904. 

The guide has been four years in the making and will be coming out this fall.

Michelin says inspectors have already started anonymously visiting both fine dining restaurants as well as more casual mom-and-pop spots. 

The upcoming guide will follow the usual Michelin methodology  based on five universal criteria including:

  • quality products
  • the mastery of flavours
  • the mastery of cooking techniques
  • the personality of the chef in the cuisine
  • consistency between each visit (each restaurant is inspected several times)

Restaurants will be rated on the usual star system, with one-star being a coveted score and and a two or three-star rating signifying global greatness.

Already, Toronto has opinions on what restaurants should be awarded stars.

There were rumours that both Cafe Boulud and R&D would be the initial recipients of one-star ratings since executive chefs were both present at today's press conference announcing the guide, but no star ratings have yet to be revealed.

Instead, Toronto diners are holding out hope that their local favourites will get the recognition they have long deserved.

Some worry that Toronto won't get many or any one-starred or above restaurants, except from perhaps already lauded spots like Alo.

If there's one thing most can agree on is that when the guide does come out it's going to be controversial. 

As much as they might try, Michelin's inspectors simply won't get to all the worthy restaurants.

And as much as the guide could be a boon for restaurants, others worry about its impact on inflationary prices.

People also wonder who is funding it all and how that might impact what restaurants are reviewed and who gets a good rating.

The Michelin guide for Toronto is slated to be published in Fall 2022 but no specific date has been announced.

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Jesse Milns at R&D

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