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People hating on Toronto celeb chef Marc McEwan after his latest political endorsement

A Toronto chef who's known for stating his political views publicly is in some boiling hot water after making his latest endorsement.

Chef Mark McEwan is known for his appearances on Food Network TV shows like Wall of Chefs and Top Chef Canada, but he's arguably equally well-known for letting everyone know his political alliances online.

When American chef David Chang posted a picture of himself with President Joe Biden, McEwan responded "Look forward to seeing your expression change when your [sic] paying 62% tax on your income." He's also been extremely vocal about his opposition to lockdowns.

McEwan Enterprises Inc. oversees restaurants Fabbrica, Bymark and Diwan. They recently filed for creditor protection and had to shut down a downtown boutique grocery store under their umbrella.

Now, McEwan is endorsing Pierre Poilievre as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, tweeting "He has what it takes to unite the country and unseat @JustinTrudeau. Common sense, intelligence and maturity is what I hear when #PierrePoilievre speaks."

Reactions to the tweet are overwhelmingly negative.

Many are saying they'll not support his businesses because of his political endorsement.

Others are saying they won't even watch TV shows he's on anymore.

One person is also wondering who at Food Network hired him in the first place.

One person called Poilievre "a wolf in sheep's clothing."

A few people said you'd have to be high on drugs in some way to consider him mature.

Sober or not, maturity isn't a word many people are associating with Poilievre.

Another person responded to McEwan's statement about uniting the country calling Poilievre a "divisive" figure.

Multiple people are also pointing out that since many McEwan businesses are based in Toronto, he might want to consider for their sake that not everyone who lives here shares his views.

Some said the tweet might actually end up damaging his own reputation more than it would help endorse Poilievre.

Many people are also upset about the support of Poilievre since he has been actively supporting the trucker convoy.

At one point, Poilievre was spotted handing a box of donuts to a trucker.

One person simply tweeted that maybe McEwan should stick to food and forget about politics.

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Hector Vasquez

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