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Man and woman walking dog steal plant from Toronto restaurant patio

As if the past month weren't already tough enough for Toronto restaurant owners, some local thieves have decided to start stealing from them as well.

Samaira's Kitchen exposed a local thief who stole one of their curbside potted plants late at night.

It's the most recent attack against a local restaurant after a number of vandalization and theft incidents earlier this summer.

The theft at Samaria's happened over two weeks ago, with the owner pleading on social media asking the thief to return the plant as he had a video of them taking it.

After the plant was not returned, owner Rajesh Chamoli decided to share the video to Facebook where it has quickly collected over 1500 views.

The video shows two people walking a dog just after 1 a.m. on August 8, one of them stops upon seeing the plant and after looking around to ensure no one is watching they scoop it up and walk out of frame with their new stolen prize.

When reached for comment Chamoli was resigned and frustrated at yet another hurdle he has had to face this year as a restaurant owner.

"The restaurant is not the one that should be targeted at this point in time with all we've been going through," Chamoli told blogTO.

"We just want to share that's what happened and just want to forget about it."

The plant has yet to be returned despite plenty of support from the local community, but the Samaria's team is choosing to leave the incident in the past and move forward focusing on the positives and serving great food over dwelling around this situation.

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