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Massive stuffed cookies in Toronto just keep getting more outrageous

Massive stuffed cookies have been a growing trend in Toronto, and a shop specializing in the hefty treats has gotten a lot of attention recently...partially because it's owned by Doug Ford's daughter.

The KyKy's Cookies storefront isn't even fully open yet, just doing pop-ups on weekends, and it's already blowing up.

Owner Kyla Ford thinks that when it comes to the cookies themselves, people like them because of all the options and variety offered by sharing a bunch of larger cookies.

"There is so much more you can do with them," Ford tells blogTO. "I slice up a variety of flavours and share them."

Her jumbo stuffed cookies can weigh up to half a pound and be comfortably shared by four people, and creating them is a 48-hour process.

"Jumbo sized cookies are on the rise," says Ford. "They used to be hard to come by, although they are now gaining lots of popularity."

Ford is far from the first person to jump on the jumbo cookie trend, however. One Toronto company has been mastering the art of desserts that go viral for a while now, from cheesecake on a stick to enormous cookies which they developed as a quarantine comfort food.

"Once the pandemic hit, we were interested in creating something memorable," Heirloom chef and co-owner Ami DiPasquale tells blogTO.

What they call "cheat day cookies" are a half pound each, and of course they had to put their Heirloom spin on them by stuffing them with their signature cheesecake.

Like Ford's cookies, they're made from scratch, and DiPasquale similarly credits their popularity to the variety of stuffings and toppings the cookies have and the way they're able to constantly launch new flavours.

"We think our cookies are trending because everyone deserves a 'cheat day' especially after the last 16 months we've experienced. We know desserts truly make people happy," says DiPasquale.

"We think giant cookies are here to stay. We've been selling them for over a year, and they've just been getting more popular."

The demand for ever-larger cookies is clear from the popularity of their cookie pies, which take the jumbo cookie concept to the next level at one pound with outrageous flavours like Oreo cookie butter and red velvet cheesecake.

Smaller makers have been pioneering stuffed cookies for a while. One-man operation Peter Piper's has been around since 2012 and also makes half-pound cookies and cookie pies, and Foxies is run by a pair of sisters and makes four-ounce stuffed cookies.

Craig's Cookies aren't as enormous as some others, but they are stuffed with candy, and they've been doing enough business to open multiple locations.

In the end it's the cookie lovers of Toronto who win as these businesses seek to outdoor each other with creations that just keep getting bigger and bolder.

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