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Award-winning restaurant in Toronto calls it quits for now due to all the uncertainty

An award-winning restaurant in Toronto known for its chef's table has closed temporarily for the time being due to an "an uncertain situation."

"The majority of our regular clientele are not ready for indoor dining and we completely understand where they are coming from," reads a social media post from tiny French restaurant Chabrol.

"Safety above all else. As a result we have decided to close Chabrol down until things are truly under control."

Operated by Peer to Peer Hospitality, also behind Tanto and Cava, up until recently the restaurant has been housed in an intimate room in Yorkville where dishes were prepared in a miniscule open kitchen within feet of diners at the bar.

Early last year they moved into a larger space nearby at 156 Cumberland, not knowing the pandemic was looming.

"We were unable to open our doors for months," reads the post. "Nonetheless, we kept pushing forward, hoping that we would be back to a full dining room and see all of you."

The post continues on to say that they'll continue to offer catering and are looking to reopen in a new location "when the time is right," and that you can subscribe to their email list for updates.

"Realistically, it will probably be months rather than weeks before we reopen," Chabrol chef Doug Penfold tells blogTO.

"We will be looking at a number of metrics that public health is releasing before making our decision but the most important factor for us is our customers' comfort and sense of safety when dining indoors."

The last service for Chabrol (for now) was Saturday, Aug. 14.

They also say they're going to continue working on some projects they had started on before the pandemic hit, including the reopening of Cava.

"In the immediate future we are concentrating on expanding our new project, Super Empanada which has seen such great reception," says Penfold.

"This will be followed by reopening of Cava and executing our take on a diner. We have been working on the idea of a modern diner for the past few months and are excited to bring the ideas to life."

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