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Toronto restaurant owner calls for vaccine passports to restrict diners to only those vaccinated

The past year has shown us how hard it is to be a frontline worker, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that many restaurant owners are speaking out to protect the health and safety of their own frontline staff.

Although Doug Ford stated that Ontario won't be using vaccine passports as a way for business owners to know who has been vaccinated, a number of restauraters across Toronto believe that these passports are necessary.

With concern over strengthened variants being spread amongst the unvaccinated, many people don't feel safe dining next to someone who hasn't protected themselves from the virus.

Because of this, restaurant owners feel the responsibility of protecting their diners and staff.

Jen Agg, owner of a number of popular Toronto hot spots including Grey Gardens and Bar Vendetta recently took to social media to echo the sentiments of others on the subject of vaccine passports.

"I am not comfortable with the idea of eating inside a restaurant with unvaccinated people. Vaccine passports now!" Agg stated in her retweet of U of T professor David Fisman who has been outspoken about the need for vaccine passports.

However, other restaurant owners remain on the fence of the matter, weighing both the pros and cons that a vaccine passport would bring.

"I'm hoping the government is able to make an informed decision, as that decision is above my pay grade," Vito Marinuzzi, co-owner of 7 Numbers Restaurants told blogTO. 

"As a customer I dislike it as it creates a two tier system, but as a restaurant owner I like it because I'm able to keep my team safe."

While it seems unlikely that a vaccine passport will be making its way to the city any time soon, the hope is there will be measures put into place to protect those in public spaces until the vast majority of the population has become fully vaccinated.

Until then, any business owner holds the right to refuse business to anyone who they believe could cause harm to staff or customers.

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