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Toronto just got a new fried chicken joint but this time everything is vegan

Toronto has gotten a brand restaurant that blends together the city's love of fried chicken and meat substitutes. Blissful Bird just opened up as a ghost kitchen in the Snakes and Lattes College location and is quickly becoming a must try delight.

Over the past few years, the number of restaurants offering fried chicken has exploded in Toronto. Places like Chica's Chicken and PG Clucks have become fast favourites for chicken lovers and joined by new entrants like Birdies, Krispo and Dave's Hot.

Unfortunately, until now, there weren't many options for vegans to get in on the trend.

The idea came from one of the owners deciding to go vegan but not wanting to miss out on some of his favourite foods, including fried chicken. He experimented with a few recipes and had others try them out with extremely positive results.

"People loved it, that's what gave me the push to kind of start it," said Co-owner Jeff, who runs Blissful Bird alongside his business partner Vince.

"I wanted to convince meat eaters you could have a product that tastes similar and in texture to fried chicken without having to harm any animals."

When the lockdown ends, the team is aware that there's a good chance they'll have to vacate their current ghost kitchen inside of Snakes and Lattes.

When that time comes, they're hoping to relocate to Kensington Market. Until then, Blissful Bird is on Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, Ritual and DoorDash. 

In the week since launch, Jeff says that the support has been positive and over half their customers have been meat eaters. Previously, Jeff had owned Lovebird restaurant in Parkdale, and many old regulars were happy to see the concept return.

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