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There's a new grocery delivery service in Toronto for everyone who watched Seaspiracy

There's a new grocery delivery service in Toronto that may appeal to the throngs of new Seaspiracy-inspired vegans.

It'll also work if you've been vegan all along and are searching for an exclusively plant-based delivery option.

V Grocery is a delivery service by the people behind popular Toronto vegan restaurant Avelo.

The service has an online shop where you can grab produce, pantry staples and prepared meals from providers like Parka, Tori's Bakeshop, Nuts for Cheese and Sweets from the Earth including vegan burgers, eggs, curds, frozen mac 'n' cheese and cauliflower wings.

They're keeping things sustainable by reusing as much packaging as they can wherever possible (like glass jars and bottles that are picked up upon subsequent deliveries) and delivering by cargo e-bike in central Toronto.

Avelo owner Roger Yang tells blogTO that the e-bikes "can carry large amounts, but use hardly any energy compared to motor vehicles."

While they will be using cars to deliver to areas outside central Toronto, they'll be "grouping orders by neighbourhood to optimize routing and minimize energy use."

"All in all, this will be the most environmentally sustainable way to shop for food," says Yang.

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