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People want GoFundMe to stop hosting fundraiser for Adamson BBQ

The GoFundMe to back Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly, who is facing steep fines after famously hosting diners inside one of his Toronto restaurants last week despite lockdown measures, has raised nearly $300,000 since it was launched four days ago, and many are pretty sickened by the show of support.

Skelly has become a hero for anti-lockdowners everywhere, ranging from those who feel for small businesses on the verge of certain demise due to pandemic closures to those who think COVID-19 is a complete hoax.

In response to the hundreds of thousands that Skelly has received from fans, people have started calling for GoFundMe to take down his campaign before it becomes any more lucrative for the rule flouter, who some feel put public health at risk for permitting indoor maskless dining for not one, but three days in a row at his Etobicoke location.

The 33-year-old restaurateur was arrested outside his restaurant at the QEW and Royal York last Thursday after a dramatic confrontation between throngs of his supporters and police, and now faces multiple charges that include operating without the business license authorities seized from him after his first day of illegal opening on Tuesday.

He may also be convicted for violations of the province's emergency orders amid the health crisis, including defying indoor dining regulations and hosting a prohibited gathering, which could bring penalties of more than $100,000 plus jail time.

The fundraiser initially started to pay Skelly's legal fees "for violating unconstitutional and draconian COVID 'public health orders'" — which has become the site's top crusade — now has a counter petition asking for its removal, as well as growing opposition online.

But, members of the public are justly able to crowdfund for "just about anything" they want, as the platform itself states, and those donating to the Adamson page presumably know exactly what they're backing.

Still, others have aptly pointed out the countless other small businesses and causes that residents can direct their money toward instead during a time when so many are floundering (and still following the law).

Skelly headed to an anti-lockdown protest at Yonge-Dundas Square on Saturday — where he encouraged other businesses owners to contend the rules and open their doors — after being released on $50,000 bail the day prior.

He has garnered the avid support of notorious anti-masker Chris Sky, who is currently promoting a solidarity barbecue due to take place 200 m from Adamson BBQ property today.

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Hector Vasquez

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