restaurants near danforth music hall

The top 10 restaurants near the Danforth Music Hall

Restaurants near the Danforth Music Hall are the perfect places to bookend a night of live entertainment. Make a night of it at these spots just a stone’s throw from one of Toronto’s biggest venues.

Here are my picks for the top restaurants near the Danforth Music Hall.

Ryus Noodle Bar

This humble ramen spot right near Broadview station now enjoys an international reputation. However, that means a seat here isn’t always guaranteed, so keep an eye on the time to make sure you don’t miss a second of the show.


With an unparalleled location right next door, you can pretty much hear the thumping of music coming from inside the hall from this pub’s willow-filled patio. Inside, iconic burgers, a huge selection of whisky and bistro fare are served in an old school environment with a jukebox. 

Auld Spot Pub

Excellent meat and oysters lend an air of sophistication to the night at this tavern. Expect specials like beef poutine and snow crab.


Nowhere is closer to Danforth Music Hall than this adjoining restaurant, ensuring you’ll never be late to a show. Classic fare like wings and burgers are served in a fresh space.

Louis Cifer

Since this is actually also a local microbrewery, if your preferred pre-game strategy involves drinking a few quality beers, this is a good place to head.


This down-and-dirty late night takeout spot is a go-to for gyros before or after a show.

7 Numbers

Those seeking something a little more sophisticated and European need look no further than this family-style Italian restaurant.

Factory Girl

Easy-to-share wood oven pizza and the same name as a Rolling Stones song make this a great place to start off a night of unadulterated rock. 

Off the Hook

Known for having some of the best fish and chips, onion rings, and sweet potato fries in the city, this seafood joint is just around the corner from Danforth Music Hall on Broadview.

Edmund Burke

Craft beer and homestyle comforts including frequent rotating specials are king at this relaxing little hangout where you might find schnitzel, coq au vin, or steak frites on the menu.

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Hector Vasquez at Ryus Noodle Bar

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