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People are complaining about the rising price of street meat in Toronto

Even if the cost of living is reaching ever-more-exorbitant heights in Toronto, there are a few things, like street meat, that people can often rely on to remain affordable — or at least, so they thought.

The price of the quick, convenient and classic roadside snack is something that people have been called into question lately, with one person on Reddit wondering if it is possible to get a sausage specifically from one of the city's hot dog vendors for $5 or less anymore.

The post has people reminiscing on the good old days when food carts — and things in general — were affordable.

I'm concerned we've reached a point where you can't get a sausage at a sausage cart for $5 or less in this town. I can get a hot dog, but not a sausage.
byu/GNPTelenor intoronto

One person posited that anything over even $3 was too much, while another recalled a time where one particular stall at Yonge and Dundas served dogs for only $1.

Some said that they've noticed that not only sausages, but the usually cheaper hot dogs have now passed the $5 threshold in the core, while others express worry that the quality of the Toronto hot dog is also in decline.

"I stopped buying aside from maybe once a year as a treat. Feel bad but... they're just changing way too much," one person wrote.

"I want politicians to address this issue, but they just don't speak about it. They are all just caught up in the spiderwebs of unimportant issues," another joked.

Yet another asked how one could expect a sausage to be the same price for so many years.

To this, the poster replied, "that's the issue, I'm saying we've crossed that particular threshold and it sucks" — something that we can fairly say applies to virtually everything in Toronto these days.

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