ryus noodle bar

Ryus Noodle Bar

Ryus Noodle Bar is a Japanese ramen joint featuring noodles so good, it got selected to be in a museum. It's no exaggeration to say that these noodles might just be the city's best.

RYUS Noodle BarBusiness is always bustling at this cozy and brightly lit spot, with locals and ramen connoisseurs constantly flocking in to check out the famed noodles and broth.

RYUS Noodle BarThat bit about being in a museum is no joke. While the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum in Japan may not be a museum in a traditional sense, getting selected by them is a serious accomplishment. 

Out of 150 ramen shops in Canada, Ryus will be the sole representative to open a stall inside its food hall, itself only having two stalls for non-Japanese based restaurants.

RYUS Noodle BarThe Rich Shio Ramen ($13.8) is the dish which reportedly attracted the ramen inspectors from Yokohama in the first place.

It features a smooth, mildly rich broth containing chicken, Angus beef, seafood and vegetables. It comes with thin noodles with a pork and chicken slice, alongside bamboo shoots, arugula, sesame, and a citrus zest that gives the dish a very light tang at the end. 

RYUS Noodle BarThe Miso Ramen ($14.50) features a rich and thick broth marinated with chicken, Angus beef, and a signature soybean paste. The noodles are also thick and chewy, and the dish comes garnished with a chicken and pork slice, carrots, chive, and cabbage. 

RYUS Noodle BarThe third ramen I try is the Vegetable Miso Potage ($14.80), an all-vegetarian bowl that comes with thick noodles and a pleasant lightly-sweet broth made with cauliflower, potato, onion, kombu, sesame oil, soy milk, ginger, and Ryus' signature soybean paste.

RYUS Noodle BarFor something non-noodle related there's the Pork Chashu Rice ($7.95). It features house-made marinated pork chasiu on a bed of Japanese rice, and has a nice mix of lean and fatty cuts. 

RYUS Noodle BarAn order of Gyoza ($6.95) is a perfect side, be it the Vegetarian version, containing tofu, cabbage, and shiitake mushrooms; or the Pork one. 

RYUS Noodle BarNot to be missed is the Tan Tan Men ($14.80). This spicy noodle comes with a pronounced peanut taste, with an umami flavour from their blend of special sesame and shrimp paste.

The broth is mixed with Ryus' signature chili oil and a liberal use of four different kinds of miso.

RYUS Noodle BarTo drink, a refreshingly sweet Melon Cream Soda ($4.25) is a vibrantly green offering made up of a mixture of Sprite, Japanese melon syrup, and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

RYUS Noodle Bar

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Ryus Noodle Bar

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