kome shokudo

Kome Shokudo

Kome Shokudo is a quick-serve restaurant in Richmond Hill that specializes in donburi and Japanese comfort food.

The restaurant is simple and relaxed with minimal decorations. Padded booth seating on the side is a throwback to when this location used to be a Zoup! outpost.

kome shokudoIn any donburi restaurant, the quality of beef is absolutely paramount, and despite its relaxed atmosphere, Kome Shokudo takes their meat very seriously.

Kome ShokudoFresh cuts are done on a consistent basis, and the restaurant serves excellent cuts of beef that are normally only found in the U.S.

True to form, the most iconic dish here is arguably the gyudon. A humble dish of seasoned sliced beef and onions on a bed of rice mixed with a housemade soy-based sauce, the dish is taken to new heights in the form of the Megalo-Don, a signature dish at the restaurant.

kome shokudoThe dish features an absolutely gigantic 5.5 lbs of beef, rice and onions, along with a bed of Japanese scallions and an onsen tamago on top. 

kome shokudoIn fact, the restaurant's regular-sized dish looks almost microscopic in comparison. Be sure to call one day ahead to reserve this gigantic feast. Finish the dish by yourself in 30 minutes, and you get it for free plus a $200 store gift card (otherwise it's $80).

Kome ShokudoFusion (and normal-sized) versions of this dish are also available, with my pick of the bunch being the Gyu Don with Cheese ($9.99), which features their signature tender beef with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese that is lightly torched. 

Kome ShokudoIf rice isn't your thing, the absolutely delicious beef and cheese combination is also present in the Gyudon Sando ($6.89). This is a great alternative for those who prefer their carbs bread-based, though I still prefer the rice version.

Kome ShokudoThere's also another kind of sandwich here: the Katsu Sando ($8.49) which features deep fried pork cutlets with Japanese mustard sauce in Japanese bread. 

Kome ShokudoFor something a bit lighter, the Tebasaki ($4.99 for appetizer size) is highly satisfying. It's essentially Japanese-style deep fried seasoned chicken wings that are equal parts juicy and lightly crisp.Kome ShokudoThe restaurant is also proud of its house-made curry sauce. My favourite among the curry options is the Curry Ebi Fry ($9.99).

The curry's smooth, subtly sweet flavour and thick consistency make it an excellent accompaniment to the crunchy battered shrimp and the warm, lightly sticky white rice.

Kome ShokudoThe Gyu Don Poutine ($9.99) is a delicious example of some of their more fusion dishes that you won't find in an old-school Japanese donburi restaurant.

Kome ShokudoFor a little something out of left field, the Squid Karaage ($4.99) features Japanese-style fried squid infused with citrus juice, which gives a subtle tang finish.
Kome Shokudo

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Kome Shokudo

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