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List shows which No Name groceries Loblaws has raised prices for the most

Canadians are more cognizant than ever of when they might be getting ripped off by big corporations, especially when it comes to their groceries.

As conversations on the topic have erupted online — leading tens of thousands to boycott the nation's biggest supermarket brand this month in protest of how expensive food has become — one helpful resident has shared data they've gathered on the price hikes of basic staples in recent months.

The individual shared their findings with the Ontario subreddit and others on Thursday, outlining the worst cases of what they call "price gouging" based on their research, which examined No Name items and spanned from September 2023 to now.

As the person explained in their Reddit post today, "I've written a script that logs the cost of every single No Name item in every single No Frills in Canada, every single day."

No Name brand is, of course, supposed to be Loblaw Companies Ltd.'s most budget-friendly in-house product line, which stocks the shelves of its No Frills subsidiary but can also be found at its other banners.

Price gouging 6 months
byu/aavenger54 inontario

While the user made their entire dataset available for those who want to peruse how prices have changed at No Frills, they also separated out the top 25 consumables that have seen the most notable price jumps based on what they were exactly six months ago.

The list includes pantry ingredients like vegetable shortening (up 96 per cent from $2.29 on November 1 to $4.49 on May 1), olive oil (multiple types were up 70-72 per cent from around $7 in November to $11.99 in May), and beef and chicken broth (both up 69 per cent).

Also named are hot dogs (up 72 per cent, from $2.54 to $4.38), tomato juice (up 66 per cent from $1.51 to $2.51) and orange juice (up 65 per cent from $1.39 to $2.29).

It is noteworthy that all of the commodities on the top 25 list (save for olive oil) are on the lower side as far as price, as these are usually the cases where an increase from the original sticker amount is most dramatic, even if the dollar amounts are still fairly low.

Many have chimed in to thank the shopper for their work, noting that they would also be interested in knowing if product sizes changed during the timespan as well, given the rampant issue of shrinkflation.

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