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10 comfort food restaurants in Toronto to make you feel cozy

Comfort food in Toronto just makes you feel warm inside. A hot meal, a comfortable place to sit, and maybe a relaxing drink or two are always the best way to unwind, but we’re especially aware of that in a town that gets pretty cold for a lot of the year. 

Here are my picks for where to dine on comfort food in Toronto.

Hogtown Vegan

Just because many think of burgers and other meaty morsels when it comes to comfort food doesn’t mean that’s what defines it. Totally animal-free versions of chicken and waffles, cheese fries and lots of beer are what to get at teal-painted Little Italy and Bloorcourt locations of this cute restaurant. 

Eulalie’s Corner Store

Soup, sandwiches, rustic casual decor…what more could you want? This Little India restaurant has it all when it comes to comfort. 

The Gabardine

Mac n’ cheese like no other is made at this warm and friendly oasis in the middle of the cold and busy Financial District with soft lighting and a chalkboard menu. 

House of Parliament

Multiple levels and multiple patios provide all kinds of nooks where you can curl up and dig into traditional English pub fare and sip your favourite import beer. 

Beach Hill Smokehouse

Wooden picnic tables, a whole chalkboard menu wall and BBQ feasts plated on hulking boards at this Beaches spot soothe the stomach and the soul. 

Country Style Hungarian

Pretty much nowhere is as homey as this cheery Annex restaurant serving up meaty European feasts of schnitzel and sausage sure to put a smile on your face and fill your belly. 

Cider House

From a drinks list centred around hard apple cider to burgers and poutine, everything about this wood-filled Roncesvalles pub puts you at ease almost instantly. 

Congee Town

Is there anything that lifts the spirits more than a bowl of congee? Warm and porridge-y, digging into a meal here feels like a snuggly hug. 

Peacock Pub 

From the creator of some of Toronto’s most popular pubs like Queen and Beaver, this spacious two-floor Little Italy spot with a ton of options for English fare and craft beer has couches, Swedish lounge chairs, and board games. 

Rebel House

Wings, grilled cheese sandwiches, lots of beer and even more tequila are a balm for the soul at this narrow and ultra-Canadian pub with personality to spare. 

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Hector Vasquez at Hogtown Vegan on College

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