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The top 10 new restaurants in Toronto from summer 2018

New restaurants that opened in Toronto this summer gave us brand new options for traditionally-made tortillas, locally-raised meats, and new kinds of dumplings and sushi. It can be tough to keep track of all the exciting new restaurants that open over the short and busy summer months, so here they are rounded up. You're welcome.

Here are my picks for the top new restaurants that opened in Toronto this summer.


This low-ceilinged Little Italy restaurant sources ingredients from Mexico and uses a traditional clay comal to make tortillas.

M'eat Resto Butcher

Locally-raised meats are butchered on site and served at this Riverside restaurant. Mostly focusing on beef, the menu is an exciting rotation of cuts that usually always includes one superb burger.


Though Roncesvalles Village may have bid farewell to jazz bar Gate 403 this year, this Asian fusion cocktail bar popped up in its place serving dishes like raw seafood tartares and craft beer.

Sang-Ji Fried Bao

Where you used to be able to get soup at Big Beef Bowl you can now get Shanghai-style fried soup dumplings. Steamy bao may not seem like the thing to eat during a sweltering summer, but they’re divine no matter what time of the year it is.

Petty Cash

This spot on Portland just off King by the same people behind Baro and Home of the Brave has an ethos of “fresh and familiar” with a menu that combines burgers, chicken sandwiches and hummus plates. 


This corner spot on Dundas West that replaced an Italian sandwich place has been turning out ssam lettuce wraps and bulgogi beef with house kimchi on their patio all summer.


House noodles and dumplings along with Oaxaca cheese, avocado and egg sammies are now available for brunch in Bloordale from this spot in place of the former Nordic offerings from Karelia Kitchen.


The Food Dudes tackled a new concept this summer in the form of made-to-order thin crust pizza with options for pies with red or white house sauces and toppings like Ezzo pepperoni. Head to Leslieville and get your last strawberry rooibos soft serve of the summer here.


Et voila, the new restaurant from the folks behind Alo and Aloette has finally opened in Yorkville, serving much-anticipated cocktails and takes on foie gras.

Narami Sushi

Hand rolls are the order of the day at this sushi spot that opened on Ossington this summer, in a block of businesses slotted in below a newly constructed condo.

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Hector Vasquez at Mezu

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