Meat Resto Butcher Toronto

M'Eat Resto Butcher

M’Eat Resto Butcher primarily butchers and serves locally raised, humanely-treated beef.

This means the ever-changing retail and restaurant offerings here just taste better, not to mention you can feel a whole lot better about eating them.

Meat Resto Butcher Toronto

The space used to be home to a sushi restaurant, but has been redone with rustic barn board on the walls. The proximity of the butcher counter to old school wooden dining tables is symbolic of what this place is all about.

meat resto butcher torontoAll beef starts with a whole animal, sourced from an Ontario farm within driving distance—mainly Arrowhead—where old school traditional farming approaches are used. This means animals are given ample room to roam, and are GMO-, hormone-, and antibiotic-free.

Meat Resto Butcher Toronto

Confit beef ribs are one of today’s market price menu items, enormous bones encased in the most crispy, crackly, yet chewy, and caramelized hunks of meat. Perfect on their own, but great with a little salt and clarified raisin butter added to taste.

Meat Resto Butcher Toronto

There are three options for steak frites today, filet mignon ($28), striploin ($22), or ribeye ($24). The ribeye’s been aged 21 days, seasoned simply with salt and pepper and grilled out back. Served with a zippy chimichurri and aioli for appropriately nubby, oily little frites, it feels like you can taste the lack of tension in the muscle.

Meat Resto Butcher Toronto

Today’s classic burger ($18) is made with a chuck brisket blend patty with a little fleur de sel and Dijon hidden inside, grilled to medium, with a crackly crust and full flavour throughout. Beef for the burgers is ground fresh every day.

On a shiny brioche bun, today’s creation is topped with tempura mushrooms, arugula and a blue cheese creme fraiche. All the layers are distinct and delicious, yet harmonize perfectly, the crunch of the mushrooms contrasting with the soft bun, the peppery arugula accented by the creamy and pungent dressing.

Meat Resto Butcher Toronto

Cauliflower ($14) is part of a surprising 100% vegan “cow’s trough” menu. Done three ways (charred, braised and fresh) with a smoked peach tahini, nuts, sliced watermelon radish, and money drop grape, this is no boring tossed-off veggie side dish, standing comfortably on its own.

meat resto butcher torontoElotes-inspired vegan corn ($7) is coated in silky coconut oil, herbs, fried lime leaf, paprika, crispy shallots, and genius puffed vermicelli. Though sides always stay the same, different market price cuts of meat portioned for two, four, or an individual change every night.

House beer is sourced from Hamilton’s Fairweather; $15 - $16 for bottles and $6 - $7 for draught, $6 for cans from other local brewers Muddy York and Saulter Street.

Meat Resto Butcher Toronto

Out back is a patio that not only looks darling, but also smells amazing, as this is where meat is grilled and smoked.

Meat Resto Butcher Toronto

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