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The top 10 restaurants near Humber College

Looking for restaurants near Humber College? I know it's hard being a student, trying to find good food that won't break the bank - good thing that area around the Humber College North Campus has a variety of spots serving up tasty dishes.

Here are my picks for the top restaurants near Humber College North Campus.

Ackee Tree, 205 Humber College Blvd.
The Jamaican restaurant that use to call Queen West its home; Ackee Tree is filling student's stomachs all over Humber North. This is probably one of the best restaurants in the school with delicious jerk chicken and amazing sandwiches. Get there early as they often run out during the lunch rush.

Popular Pizza
No one understands the struggles of a student better than Popular Pizza. They know you have to search the couch cushions for change. That is exactly why they have deals like 2 medium pizzas, 3 toppings and 2 dipping sauces for just $20. Get your pizza fix on Rexdale Blvd across the street from Woodbine Race Track.

Al Meezan's Spicy Grill
Want to switch things up instead of eating frozen dinners all the time? Head down to Al Meezan's Spicy Grill with some of the best shawarma's around. In the same plaza as Popular Pizza, Al Meezan's is serving up Middle Eastern Dishes like it's nobody's business. Where else are you going to get a chicken shawarma around here for $5?

Kiwi Rice & Noodle Bar
Near the airport, Kiwi Rice & Noodle Bar serves up some of the most authentic Asian food in the area. Tucked away on Dixon road you can find crispy calamari and pho that will make you wanting more.

Buffets are one of the greatest inventions of all time. And Tucker's is changing the buffet game one roast beef at a time. Probably one of the more expensive places on this list but it's well worth it. And if it's your birthday you get a free meal, if that's not enough they have a build your own sundae bar!

Pizza Hub
You don't need to worry about packing a lunch with Pizza Hub just steps away from Humber College. What sets this place apart is their quick service and amazing cheese-stuffed panzos. Open most days until 11pm but on Fridays and Saturdays they keep their doors open till midnight perfect for a mid-party snack.

Golden Wok
More cheese on toast? Switch things up at Golden Wok. $20 will have you walking out with noodles for days.

Ginko Japanese Restaurant
This Japanese restaurant is hidden inside the International Plaza Hotel. It's a little more expensive than the usual sushi spot but if you're going out to celebrate passing all your classes this is the place to go to.

Steak Queen
The myth and the legend that is Steak Queen is only about a 15 minute drive from Humber College. Open 24 hours a day this is a decent place to cure a hangover with their all day breakfast and burgers.

The Humber Room
The fanciest restaurant at Humber gives culinary students a chance to practice their chef skills on fellow students. It's going to cost you more than $20 for a dinner here but you get to eat food like Pan Seared Cuban Spiced Boneless Chicken Thighs and Humber Steak on Yukon Gold Frites.

What did I miss? Add your favourite restaurants near Humber College to the comments. Writing by Andrew Uyeno. Photo of Steak Queen.

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