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The top 10 new restaurants for fried chicken in Toronto

The top new restaurants for fried chicken in Toronto are the newest kids on the block to offer our favourite fried fare, either exclusively or as single menu items. There's an international selection, but regardless of the style you can be sure it'll be both crispy and greasy. 

Here are my picks for Toronto's top new restaurants for fried chicken.


This highly anticipated Junction spot has finally arrived in the city, bringing us crunchy, spicy Nashville chicken served with specialty house-made sauces like buttermilk ranch dip or their "hot AF" sauce. 

Five Points

Located at the back of the Bloorcourt bar Open House, this hot chicken takeout counter serves its Nashville meat in a variety of spices — from mild to devil's breath and with sides of crinkle fries. 


Now that the seven-hour wait times are over, it's finally safe to head over to Kennedy Road to visit this Filipino institution. Try their famous Jolly Crispy Chicken, served in buckets with a thick and peppery gravy on the side. 

MyMy Chicken

It's all gooey cheese and fried goodness at this Korean fried chicken spot in the Annex. Nearly the entire menu here is fried chicken, save for a few sides. With over 50 locations in South Korea, this brand's tried-and-true fried chicken recipes are undeniably good (and sleep-inducing). 

Hoo Hoo’s

One of five shops in the mini food court that is Mega Street Food Complex at Finch Station, this Taiwanese fried chicken stall offers massive chicken pieces deep fried in sweet potato batter, spiced then cut into thin strips that are incredibly tasty and juicy fried filets. 

Love Chix at Assembly Chef's Hall

Unlike the original Junction Triangle spot, this Love Chix location is all about buttermilk fried chicken. Tossed in their famous honey hot sauce, their three-piece lunch specials keep the Financial District crowd heading to this fancy food court


Another contender for giant Taiwanese fried chicken filets has entered the game. This restaurant in Chinatown serves up massive crispy chicken steaks, drumsticks, wings and sandwiches, with an odd pairing of bubble tea. 

Union Chicken at Union Station

This southern-style restaurant is delivering the flavour in Union Station with their famous Uncle Ray's fried chicken — buttermilk breaded boneless thighs that come in different flavours like maple-honey syrup, habanero hot sauce or Korean sauce. 

Hogtown Smoke on Colborne Lane

This second location of the Beaches hit may be better know for its brisket and Mexican-style pig's head tacos, but this barbecue restaurant on King East also does fried chicken. Get their Breaking Bad-inspired nine-piece Walter White bucket of buttermilk fried chicken. 


In imitation of the KFC favourite, this West Queen West bar makes a fried chicken that's crunchy, juicy and way better than the original KFC version. Head to the back of the convenience store to grab this delectable dish. 

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez of Love Chix (Assembly Chef's Hall)

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