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Mega Street Food Complex

Mega Street Food Complex may look like a single restaurant from the outside, but step inside this spot just north of Finch station and you’ll find that it’s actually a one-stop shop for five different types of Asian cuisine.

What used to be an office space is now a mini food court of sorts run by Jackie Zhao, who for 30 years headed the popular Scarborough spot ABC Bakery with his father Sing Zhao.

mega street food complex torontoStepping in to Mega Street, a narrow walkway will lead you along the small space where you can peruse the incredibly affordable food stalls to your right, with a seating area that can fit about 32 people to your left.

mega street food complex torontoThe best move is to start off at the back of the complex and work your way towards the front for an optimal taste testing experience.

mega street food complex toronto

Jack's Wonton Noodle Soups

This stall features a simple menu of popular Hong Kong favourites like lo mein and soups with noodles.

The pork rice rolls ($4.50) make a good appetizer and are made to order in a traditional shelf-like container often used in Hong Kong street markets to make tongs of cheung fun at a time.

mega street food complex torontoOil and water are added to steam the in-house rice mixture to perfection, followed by your meat of choice, some green onion, and a raw egg cracked on top to steam slowly.

mega street food complex torontoOther cheung fun options include kimchi and sliced beef ($4.99) or BBQ pork ($5.50).

mega street food complex torontoAs a main, I highly recommend getting the shrimp wonton noodle ($6.95). Wontons are made from scratch here – a process often headed up by Sing.

mega street food complex torontoShrimp is minced in a special blender before being assembled into massive wontons, with five per bowl to create a filling, tasty meal for lunch or dinner.

mega street food complex toronto

Hoo Hoo’s Taiwanese Fried Chicken

For fried chicken lovers, Hoo Hoo's is for you. Here, huge filets of chicken are cut up into smaller pieces after being deep fried to perfection in sweet potato batter.

mega street food complex torontoThe Sichuan style fried chicken ($9.99) is a unique meal because of its sauce, an in-house made concoction of flavourful spices.

mega street food complex torontoThe spicy Sichuan sauce consists of two kinds of peppers – Sichuan and Hunan pepper – and has a deep taste that’s offset by a dash of sugar.

mega street food complex toronto

The resulting chicken is a delicious filet that's crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, without being overly greasy.mega street food complex torontoFor finger-picking, there’s sides like deep fried tentacles ($8.99) and chicken nuggets ($6.99).

mega street food complex torontoThere also serve bento boxes that range from $9.99 to $11.99 with rice, veggies, your choice of meat and a drink.

mega street food complex toronto

Akita Sushi Burritos

Head to this stall for your fix for raw seafood, with a good selection of sushi burritos.

mega street food complex toronto

They also have the ever-popular poke bowl plus a salad bowl option that comes with greens and your pick of protein.

mega street food complexThe spicy salmon burrito ($11.99) comes in a hulking wrap of salmon and veggies, cut in to two halves for easier consumption.

mega street food complex torontoThe salmon poke bowl ($11.99) comes with rice, corn, seaweed and is topped off with nori for a fresh and filling seafood meal.

mega street food complex toronto

Happy Tea

You'll probably be needing a drink to wash all this food down, hence the convenience of Happy Tea.

This beverage counter has a huge menu of all the classic Asian drinks you could want, like slushes, smoothies and frappuccino bubble tea.

mega street food complex torontoAll drinks here are $4.50 for a small, and $4.99 for a large. It’s one of the best bubble tea deals out here, since the cost already includes your choice of one topping like tapioca, or lychee jello.

mega street food complex torontoThe mango frap is a massive concoction with chunks of mango inside and a big scoop of mango ice cream to top it off.

mega street food complex torontoThe pina colada smoothie is a refreshing monster of a drink as well, with bits of pineapple and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

mega street food complex torontoOther drinks include signature milk teas like Irish cream milky black tea or chocolate mint milk tea, and simple green teas with flavours like Taiwanese plum.

mega street food complex toronto

Sophia’s Japanese Crepes

Saving the best for last, the final stall of the food complex and perhaps the highlight is Sophia's, situated next to the window.

Here you can grab a variety of luxurious crepe desserts packed with fruits, ice cream, sweet sauces and whipped cream.

mega street food complex torontoTheir most popular orders are from their cartoon ice cream series, which are all $8.50.

mega street food complex torontoThe nutella strawberry cartoon crepe is freshly made crepe with a nutella interior, whipped cream, strawberries, and a scoop of ice cream decorated with small oreos, cheerios, and an M&M to make a tiny face.

mega street food complex torontoYou can also get crepes wrapped in a cone to eat like ice cream, with fillings like taro cherry ice cream and peanut butter banana ice cream, all for $8.50.

mega street food complex torontoIf you’re trying to get your dessert and your meal from the same vendor, Sophia’s also sells savoury crepes like the spicy beef crepe ($8.99), with veggies, savoury sauce and strips of tender beef.

mega street food complex toronto

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