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The top 24 hour restaurants in Toronto north of the 401

24 hour restaurants in Toronto north of the 401 may conjure up the image of some misguided blue light bus adventure at 3am, but if you happen to live that far north, then these places should be on your radar to avoid the impending hangover that surely brought you home at 5am on a Tuesday.

Cash is king at these places, so don't show up with your debit card for a $5 meal. With a little pre-planning, you can have a proper sit-down meal with actual cloth napkins and tablecloths at any time of day.

Here are my picks for the top 24 hour restaurants in Toronto north of the 401.

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Owl of Minerva
Almost everyone has ventured into this Korean hotspot just south of Finch on Yonge, guided no doubt by their logo of a friendly woman curiously donning a graduation cap (look for her smiling face at the half dozen other Toronto locations, soon to be expanding into the US and China). The Kam Ja Tang (pork bone soup) is the real deal here, salty and fatty, with just the right ingredients to keep you lucid enough to make it home.

Markham Station
Located on the northern tip of Scarborough, Markham Station has been up and running for 24 hours a day for decades, drawing people in for their all-day breakfasts, club sandwiches, burgers and a full licenced bar during appropriate hours. While you cautiously hope the interior has seen better days, it's likely the dĂŠcor matches your current state of animal spirit, sloth like and defeated.

Wimpy's Diner
This location up at a sprawling plaza at Bathurst and Sheppard is open 24 hours, making it a pretty central spot if you're looking for a burger and a poutine at 4am. Licenced throughout the day, you can expect regulars drinking Labatt 50 at 11 am at this kitschy franchise replete with jukeboxes (mostly for decoration) and usual cheesy bar flair.

Pyung Won House
This Korean BBQ joint located right at Yonge and Finch has a steady stream of customers day and night, with BBQ grills right on each table to keep the party going, so best to show up when you can handle cooking duties safely. What they lack in English spelling (lunch specail anyone?) they make up for with beefy Bulgogi platters, zippy kimchis and hot pots.

Perfect Chinese Restaurant
This overconfident 24 hour eatery is based in Scarborough and has a bountiful selection of Chinese food for eat in or take out. Known for their sizzling platters, cheap dim sum and faux-Chinese dishes like chicken balls and spring rolls, this place is always packed, and quite possibly the only place to get a whole duck or lobster at 3 am.

Huh Ga Ne
Another Korean gem surrounded by Karaoke bars at Yonge and Finch, Huh Ga Ne is known for its traditional floor seating (drunken pillow fights are generally frowned upon) and big portions for little prices. Most dishes come with banchan (side dishes) like colourful purple rice and spicy soups. Prices all include HST so save the remaining brain cells for calling a taxi, not doing math.

Another Korean spot up at the north part of the city, Kayagum serves the usual hot pots, soups and stews, but if you're looking to add a little sashimi side to your bibimbap then this is your spot, as Kayagum also offers a full sushi menu.

Khorak Supermarket
If you're looking to grab some baklava, dried figs, nuts and a warm meal all in the same spot, then Iranian superstore Khorak (on Yonge, near Steeles) is your destination. Kebab combos and ground meat koobidehs are the draw here, paired with pop, rice, onions and tomatoes for under $10. There are only a few spots for eating in, so your best bet is to grab and go.

Zet's Restaurant
If you're looking for a 24oz New York strip at 2am then, firstly, I applaud your life choices, and secondly, you should head over to Zet's, pretty much the only place in north Toronto with full steak dinners on offer 24 glorious hours a day. Zet's is located by the airport in between a bunch of airport hotels and warehouses. They're also known for their burgers, souvlakis and all-day breakfasts.

Friendly House Restaurant
Another diner serving up burgers, fries and Greek style offerings on Yonge St. by Cummer. All day breakfasts and greasy spoon faves like banquet burgers and onion rings make your hands about as greasy as the rickety chair you'll be sitting on.

Did I miss any? Leave your favourite 24-hour spot north of the 401 in the comments.

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