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Perfect Chinese Restaurant

Posted by Staff / Listed on January 30, 2013 / review policy

Perfect Chinese RestaurantPerfect Chinese Restaurant is where to go for braised duck with pork or deep fried stuffed bean curd 24 hours a day. This Scarborough destination near Brimley and Sheppard seems to host large families, drunken revelers and everyone in between.

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Vic Kwan Li / July 13, 2014 at 02:41 am
The wife and I decided to try this place out last night. Heard lots of good things about Perfect and their wonderful dishes. 1st off, the good things: open 24hrs, free parking, and live lobster tank. The bad things: very weak service from waiters who are too busy running around between the two rooms, kitchen and front entrance desk, we had to ask the dish-washer for hot sauce and a pair of chopsticks, which when arrived were caked in dirt and food and the hot sace was a teaspoon of the cheap red kind you get in the little plastic packets. The food ordered took a while to come out, with gaps between dishes and mains before appetizers. By the time the main meat dishes came, the rice was cold, but it was great to have springrolls as a mid meal snack. The quality of the meat is sub-par, the rice was maybe 3-4 day-old, fried rice should be 1-2 day old. The spring roll sadly was odd, crispy tough dough and little filling, perhaps the frozen kind, to keep the food costs down. It took a while to get any water or extra sauce, washing down chewy food with hot herbal tea is a tough job. Overall Perfect Chinese is quite the opposite and more on a downhill trajectory. If anyone is considering eating here late night, I suggest Spadina or Markham, this place is way out MFN and the food doesnt sit right, whether youre intoxicated on alcohol or herbal remedies. A friend ate here last month and said their service/food has been slipping over the years. Not many people complain, because most of their clientele probably dont speak english well. And neither do the servers. A not-so perfect chinese experience.
joey / February 11, 2015 at 07:16 pm
Mary Serniak eating a whole Peking Duck??? I don't think so. But I'm sure she would enjoy the service and atmosphere, I sure did!

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