Common Goods Harbourfront Toronto

New shipping container market comes to Harbourfront

Common Goods are the latest food option at Harbourfront. The three new micro-restaurants are actually made from repurposed shipping crates, and they each feature solar-powered kitchens. The menus include an assortment of snacks, like burgers, lobster rolls, and organic wraps, as well as hotdogs inspired by Toronto's many different hoods.

This is an ideal spot to grab some food before heading over to the island, and it beats the hell out of the Pizza Pizza and Quiznos across the street. Here's what to expect from the area's latest tenants:

Blue Goose

Common Goods Harbourfront Toronto

Blue Goose sells cheeseburgers ($6.95) made with fresh, hand-ground organic beef and topped with aged cheddar and carmelized onions. That's the standout, I would say, but they also offer a variety of wraps including organic beef, roasted chicken and rainbow trout options. Wraps can be had for $3, or three for $8, and they're served on a flour, corn or lettuce base. Toppings for these include apple fennel slaw, fire foasted poblano, and a mix of other options. This shit is gourmet, people.

Lobster Roll

Common Goods Harbourfront Toronto

Lobster Roll makes a chick feel like she's vacationing in the Maritimes. They serve their namesake dish for $9.95, and, having been born in Nova Scotia, I can say it looks authentic. This stye of food tastes especially good next to any body of water, though, and Lake Ontario will definitely do. Clam chowda is on the menu, too, and it costs a mere $4.50. Sides include a heirloom tomato and toasted brioche salad, or the much more sensible and cohesive Covered Bridge kettle chips, made in New Brunswick.

Sully's Honest Dogs

Common Goods Harbourfront Toronto

Sully's Honest Dogs works to put a unique spin on the humble hotdog, and as a result, it's no run-of-the-mill hotdog cart. The dogs are inspired by and named after Toronto's many little villages and intersections. An example of this expressly novel form of hotdog is the Banh Mi Dog. It's a nod to Gerrard and Broadview, and is garnished with mango salad, hot mustard, sweet chili glaze, and fresh cilantro. Want. To. Eat. All the days.

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Common Goods HarbourfrontCommon Goods HarbourfrontCommon Goods HarbourfrontCommon Goods Harbourfront TorontoCommon Goods HarbourfrontCommon Goods Harbourfront

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