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Someone labelled a broken TTC sign as art for sale and it's peak Toronto

While trashed and broken TTC signs are unfortunately a common occurrence here in Toronto, one creative commuter recently decided to clean up a shattered streetcar stop's look with an artistic transformation. 

In a photo supplied to blogTO, a smashed TTC stop located near Spadina Avenue and Queen Street West can be seen graffitied with a makeshift artwork label. 

ttc toronto

The "artwork's label" includes all you need to know about the piece, including its price, composition, and size. Photo: Adam G. Wynne. 

The anonymous "artist" behind the piece cleverly named it "Broken Sign No. 37," and went on to name the artwork's dimensions and composition. 

The 38'' x 38'' artwork shockingly came with a price tag of $24,950, but was scooped up by one lucky bidder, according to the sign, which now reads "SOLD" in bold letters. 

This isn't the first time that Toronto residents have set out to transform pieces of TTC destruction into art.

Just a few years ago, the Augusta & Baldwin Instagram account posted a video of local residents turning shards of concrete at a TTC streetcar track construction site into a tower-like structure

Toronto is home to tons of public art — much of it skilfully created by talented artists who make a living with their craft — though there are always plenty of opportunities (some illegal) for artists to showcase their creativity using unconventional materials and mediums.

Lead photo by

Adam G. Wynne 

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