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Someone is documenting everything that's broken on the TTC

Have you been noticing loads of busted PRESTO fare gates on the TTC? What about inoperative escalators, turnstiles, and transfer machines? Lest you think you're alone, a new Instagram feed is devoted to documenting all that's broken on the TTC.

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The account is in its infancy, but you can imagine that the power of Toronto's angry crowd of commuters will provide a steady stream of photos capturing the various bits of malfunctioning equipment spotted on our often beleaguered transit system.

A photo posted by Broken TTC (@brokenttc) on

So far, the photos have featured lots of PRESTO infrastructure, but also vehicle doors, next vehicle screens, and token slots.

A photo posted by Broken TTC (@brokenttc) on

Commuters are encouraged to share their photos at or via Instagram.

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