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People in Toronto turned pieces of road from TTC streetcar track construction into art

Queen West is known as a destination for the arts in Toronto, and sadly it's also one of the streets in the city that's often the most riddled with construction.

The street is undergoing a heavy bout of construction right now, and the creative people of this city are no longer sitting on the sidelines: they're turning materials like concrete into spontaneous, unofficial art installations. 

The Augusta & Baldwin Instagram account posted video to their stories of people gleefully turning shards of concrete into a tower-like structure. Part of the fun definitely seems to have been getting the misshapen pieces to balance precariously on top of one another.

They were apparently filled with inspiration after a show from metal band Ammo which was playing at the Bovine that night. The sculpture was constructed right outside.

According to Ryan Rubin, photographer and manager of the Augusta and Baldwin Instagram account, the build took place around midnight.

"Not sure about anyone's name unfortunately," Rubin tells blogTO.

"But it was an amazing juxtaposition to see Inukshuk-style sculptures in the middle of a ripped up Queen West at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night in Toronto. We were all amazed."

Toronto is home to a ton of public art, much of it by amazing artists who make a living with their craft, but there's always an opportunity for amateurs to show what they're made of using some unconventional materials.

Lead photo by

Ryan Rubin

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