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A new Toronto job posting is seeking the rudest people possible

If you're seeking a vocation where you don't have to maintain an ounce of professionalism or put on an amicable face while you're actually seething inside, a new job posting in Toronto may be the perfect one for you.

For all those who just want to be able to be their true self at work — that is, if insolence is a key facet of your nature — the city's limited-time Karen's Diner pop-up has just issued a callout for new staff members.

In contrast to the usual character traits an employer looks for, the 1950s-style spot is hoping to find "the RUDEST staff" in the city to serve up burgers with a side of next-level sass.

With 31 locations and counting, the chain has taken society's dislike for the Karen archetype and run with it, offering "an absurdly fun experience" that revolves around being treated poorly by ill-mannered waitstaff that will begrudgingly take your order, bring you food, and also force you to play embarrassing games.

A meal at Karen's Diner is billed as a way to "live out your Karen fantasy," and there are surprisingly good reviews from people who found themselves rolling on the floor laughing the entire time from the employees' antics.

"Come on, ask for the manager... WE DARE YOU," the brand's website reads.

Is it Karen-esque to point out the errant apostrophe here?

Unfortunately, if your fantasy is to treat others like shit rather than be treated that way yourself, a visit to the diner may not be your cup of tea — but working for it probably will.

Those who are interested can apply online now for a dream job where you not only suffer zero consequences for acting like an absolute asshole, but are encouraged to do so.

Candidates should be warned, though, that you may just get a serving of attitude back from some patrons, as the company encourages anyone who is "a Karen in nature, not name" to come on down and try the place out.

And if your name is actually Karen, you get a free drink with your meal for showing ID whether you live up to the legendary title or not.

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