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Doug Ford's latest PR stunt has people in Ontario roasting him on Twitter

Doug Ford just can't seem to catch a break lately on Twitter, where no matter how hard he tries to post positive content (in lieu of addressing the concerns of his constitutents), people continue to chastise him for what they see as his ineffective leadership.

The latest move of Ford's to spark heated discussion on the platform is a series of photos taken at a local business that many are criticizing for being a very staged PR stunt that was, as many would argue is too often the case with the premier, only to promote the interests of those close to him.

"On Wednesday, when @fordnation trekked down to London for the automotive jobs training announcement, he stopped in nearby Dorchester at an ice cream shop called the Frozen Cow," one resident began a Twitter thread that has garnered more than 800 likes, 400 retweets, and dozens of responses and quote tweets.

As the thread goes on to point out, what seemed to be a random stop-off at a small-town retailer was in fact a very curated visit to a business owned by a member of government.

Ford failed to disclose that the Frozen Cow was founded by the legislative assistant to local PC MPP Rob Flack — who was also present at the event — which is something people are taking issue with.

In addition, a few others featured in the photo op are distantly connected to the province, though they could be mistaken as random citizens to anyone looking at the tweet — a city councillor who has ties to the local conservative Electoral District Association and the family of the young legislative assistant among them.

"There is absolutely nothing illegal here - @fordnation can promote a business owned by one of his MPPs staff. What is curious and speaks volumes is that the Ford government thinks it’s ok to swindle Ontarians of the truth," the series of tweets continues.

"We saw the truth swindled (and friends rewarded) with the Greenbelt removals and with Ontario Place contracts. And now we’re seeing the truth swindled with these photo ops at the Frozen Cow. Ontario - we deserve so much better!"

Mike Marcolongo, the person behind the thread, tells blogTO that he thinks his post gained a lot of traction because of the fact that it "aptly demonstrates Ford’s unabashed continued promotion of friends and supporters."

This is especially the case given how incised people are about how the province is opening up part of Green Belt to developers, while also privatizing a portion of Ontario Place despite strong pushback from residents.

Despite how good-natured the support of a local Ontario ice creamery seems at first, the public seems to feel that ommitting the connection between the business chosen and Ford's pals was anything but an honest mistake.

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