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People of Ontario explain to Doug Ford why he ruined Victoria Day for them

As has been the case far too many times for him to keep making the same mistake, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is getting dragged on social media today for posting something he believed would come off as positive and wholesome, but has instead made him even more of a target for righteous public rage.

Dougie decided to issue a short video wishing residents a happy Victoria Day this past weekend, reminding them to stay safe as they spend quality time with loved ones taking a walk in a park, heading to a cottage or campground, or any of the other activities that the stat holiday usually warrants.

Unfortunately for Ford, the message didn't go over too well, as hundreds of constituents were happy to give him a piece of their mind about how life in Ontario actually is these days.

Many touched on the unreasonably high cost of living that has left us all stressing about rent, grocery bills and more as we struggle to get by.

The Ford administration's cuts to public education, move toward some privatization of our flailing healthcare system, plans to build housing on protected Greenbelt land, and more hot-button issues are also, of course, coming up as people air their frustrations.

"This might be the last chance you get for a walk in the park. Soon it will be either a highway to nowhere or a housing development. Get out there before Ontario is sold!" one person said.

"It would be a happier weekend if you resigned. Quit effing up health care, the environment and generally everything in Ontario," added another.

Yet another followed with perhaps the most apt and concise statement of the bunch: "Read the room."

Some also laughed at the idea of being able to own gas for a boat or a brief stay at a cottage, let alone a boat or cottage of their own in Ontario given low wages and high prices.

A few also said they weren't able to take the day off because of how their industry is suffering under Ford's leadership.

The retorts seem notably less humourous and more stern than replies to, say, Ford's cheesecake recipe post, Tim Hortons commercials or shovelling escapades, but also somewhat expected, as they perhaps should be for any politician posting on social media.

Maybe after such backlash, Ford will try to be a little less tone-deaf and aware of the concerns of voters while posting a feel-good video — but with his track record and the amount of public ire ready to fire at him, let's not hold our breaths.

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