doug ford shovelling snow

Somebody made a parody video of Doug Ford shovelling snow and it's hilarious

When Toronto comedian Marc-Anthony Sinagoga saw videos of Doug Ford shovelling snow during Monday's blizzard, he knew it could make a funny parody with his alter-ego 'Uncle Doug.'

Sinagoga, 31, started comedy about 10 years ago and studied comedy writing and performance at Humber College. He has toured as a headliner in stand-up comedy tours across North America.

Touring basically stopped as live performances halted during lockdowns, but Sinagoga put more of his efforts into online sketches.

Last year, Sinagoga and fellow comedian friend Austen Alexander thought it would be funny to do sketches imagining meetings between Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau.

Toronto needs comedians doing impressions of our politicians like they do in the United States, he says.

"I keep feeling that Toronto should have its own Saturday Night Live," he says.

Alexander and Sinagoga now have a YouTube channel together with more sketches featuring other characters.

Sinagoga says his Ford character isn't exactly an impression.

"I basically developed like a character out of what I think Doug Ford is actually like, which is just this like your uncle Doug, who's telling you not to like, throw dooby ends in the fire pit at the cottage, like one of those guys, you know what I mean?" he says. "He's trying to be prim and proper, but really isn't at all."

The widely criticized and mocked video of Ford shovelling snow around stuck vehicles sparked an idea for a short video from Sinagoga.

He grabbed his one of his Nona's wooden spoons and got a friend to film about six minutes of him improvising.

"I was like, listen, just raw handy cam it because that's how it was when Ford did it so and like it looked like Ford was struggling a lot like he was out of breath. He had a tiny shovel and I just started improvising because I've been doing the character for so long. And essentially, it's basically like, you know, a lazy version of myself," he says.

Sinagoga says he's heard Ford has seen some of the videos, but has never publicly acknowledged them. He adds that his brother and former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was a fan.

"I was actually friends with Rob Ford back in the day," he says. "He used to come my shows."

Sinagoga says he is working on another parody of Ford picking up people and talking on the phone during the snowstorm.

He would like to be on a Canadian sketch comedy show some day, and thinks that there is talent here.

"There are so many talented people in Toronto that could make a show," he says.

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Marc-Anthony Sinagoga

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