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Transgender teacher causing controversy at Oakville high school again

An Oakville high school teacher is at the centre of controversy once again following a tense school board meeting and a string of anonymous bomb threats. 

Kayla Lemiuex, a transgender woman, rose to international attention in September 2022 after an American radio host tweeted several images and videos of the teacher that had been shared on Snapchat by students at Oakville Trafalgar High School. 

The clips show a woman with long blonde hair wearing bike shorts, tight tops, and what we can only assume to be a massive prosthetic breast piece with protruding nipples. 

According to the Toronto Sun, the breasts are actually real and that Lemieux suffers from a rare condition known as gigantomastia.

Last week, parents were warned of another bomb threat against the school. According to an emailed alert from the school's acting principal, Steve Oliver, the threat was made anonymously online. 

"We understand this is unsettling to hear and we appreciate the concerns you have," the alert read. "Classes continue as scheduled and Halton emergency protocols are being followed as we move forward cautiously." 

In a previous email alert, the school acknowledged that it had become the subject of "significant attention" following extensive media coverage of Lemieux. 

"The threats received today, yesterday, and in September have been issued by people emailing threats with the intention of creating a feeling of unease and fear," the alert stated. 

"We are also cognizant of the fact these threats may be the result of copycatting, given the significant media attention. The unfortunate decision by individuals to deliberately harass and intimidate others is abuse and an erosion of personal safety and trust." 

According to the Toronto Sun, students have even been "threatened with suspension" if they take photos or videos of the controversial educator. 

Last Wednesday, Halton District School Board's Director of Education, Curtis Ennis, provided an interim report on the board's dress code. The meeting involved multiple interjections from the gallery, causing it to go into recess when tensions boiled. 

A representative for the HDSB previously told blogTO that a motion was passed during a special Board of Trustees meeting on Jan. 3, requesting that Ennis "develop a professionalism policy which outlines the HDSB's expectations of all staff members." 

"The HDSB's commitment to human rights remains rooted in our core values and commitment to each and every student and staff who identifies as a member of an underserved and underrepresented group, and our approach is informed by opinions from leading employment law firms with human rights and equity advisors," Ennis said in a statement emailed to blogTO last month. 

The whole situation is now getting significant international media attention, particularly on right-wing news sites in the Unites States.

The NY Post claimed last week that Lemieux dresses as a man outside of school. This report was later refuted by the Toronto Sun.

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