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Donald Trump Jr. compares his sister's breasts against Oakville teacher's prosthetic bust

Today in things you definitely didn't have on your 2022 bingo card, two of former U.S. President and reality TV host Donald Trump's children are in the news this week alongside a transgender Ontario teacher who has gone viral for wearing large prosthetic breasts in shop class.

Donald Trump Jr., Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization, sparked more controversy for his famous family on Friday by posting a meme to Instagram featuring both his sister, Ivanka Trump, and the Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher in question.

"Wheels on the shopping cart be like," reads the text atop a two-by-two grid showing identical pictures of Ivanka in the first three spaces. The bottom-right photo in the grid is of the Oakville teacher, wearing a tight pink top over an incredibly large and detailed chest-piece.

Both Ivanka and the teacher are wearing pink tops and have blonde hair, but otherwise look nothing alike, which is kind of the point of the "wheels on the shopping cart" meme.

Playing on the phenomenon of shopping carts having one squeaky, unstable or otherwise dysfunctional wheel (why does this happen so often?), the meme originated and spread like wildfire on Reddit in 2019.

"Wheels on a Shopping Cart refer to a four-panel image series which reference the notion that one of the four wheels on shopping carts is often broken and spins around its axis when the cart is pushed," writes KnowYourMeme of the joke format, which often features three "normal" images alongside one twisted version of the subject.

In Trump Jr.'s post, the controversial Oakville teacher is the odd one out, serving as the warped wheel and Ivanka's foil.

"Sorry @ivankatrump but what kind of big brother would I really be if I showed restraint and didn't post this???" wrote the 44-year-old businessman when sharing the image on Instagram, tagging his 40-year-old sister.

Trump Jr. also tagged @mitchmidnight, the artist responsible for creating this strange piece of work with his little sister. Mitch's profile shows that this is not the first joke he's made about the Oakville teacher — at least three appear in his feed right now, one of them revolving around Adam Levine's recent leaked DM scandal.

Ivanka does not appear to have commented on her brother's post, on which comments are limited, but it's not unusual for Trump Jr. to post controversial memes — they're pretty much all he shares with his more than 6.2 million followers.

Some people online are nonetheless outraged and kind of disturbed, given the context.

"This family's obsession with their sister/daughter's body, esp. her chest is sooo F'ing gross!!!" wrote one Twitter user, referencing the Trump family, Ivanka and the dozens of borderline incestual comments made by patriarch Donald (including "If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her'."

"Donald Trump Jr. posts a 'meme' regarding that unfortunate Canadian teacher who wears plastic prosthetic breasts... And yet he misses the obvious point that Ivanka Trump also has plastic breasts," wrote another. "How weird of a brother to point this out? Sick puppy!"

Others on the social network called Trump Jr. a "creepy weirdo," a "nasty f*ck" and "just sick," among other things, for posting the image of his sister and the viral Oakville educator, who has now become the subject of at least one large protest.

The Toronto-area high school teacher in question continues to make headlines all over the world for repeatedly attending class in large prosthetic breasts and revealing clothes.

The educator, who is trans, rose to viral fame earlier this month after students at Oakville Trafalgar published some controversial images from school to Snapchat. Nipples are visible through the teacher's shirt in many of the posts.

The Halton District School Board (which operates Oakville Trafalgar) has defended the teacher, saying in a statement that "gender identity and gender expression are protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code."

When asked about the matter, officials from the Ministry of Education told blogTO that "school boards are responsible for HR & personnel matters." The Halton District School Board said that it could not provide additional details about the situation, "as this is a personnel matter."

"In this province, in our schools, we celebrate our differences and we also believe that there must be the highest standards of professionalism when in front of our kids," said Minister of Education Lecce on Friday when asked about the teacher's violation of student dress code rules.

"And on that basis, I've asked the Ontario College of Teachers to review and to consider strengthening those provisions with respect to professional conduct, which we think would be in the interest of all kids in Ontario."

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