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Toronto man skis through traffic as mega storm clogs up streets and shutters TTC

Snowstorms in Toronto are never good for traffic or even TTC commuters, but one local man managed to breeze through yesterday's chaotic traffic using a rather unconventional method for city streets.

Clad with a pair of skis and two poles, Scott Baker cross-country skied his way through traffic, sailing past traffic jams and lengthy bus lineups.

Baker posted a video of his travels, using bike lanes to glide through the city as fluffy snowflakes dumped around 14 centimetres of snow during the Wednesday rush.

"The superior mode for transportation today," reads the caption on his video. He skis past at least twenty cars that are actually closer to being parked than any situation resembling driving.

Yesterday's storm was so bad roughly 25 per cent of flights were delayed or cancelled at Pearson Airport, the TTC closed 41 stops and an entire subway line, and other transportation delays forced commuters onto the street to wait for shuttle buses in the blizzard-like environment.

Baker did receive some finger-wagging from local cyclists who said the bike lane is solely for cycling purposes. 

It could be argued that cyclists totally had enough room to pass Baker in the specialty lane if necessary and he did confirm the biker was using the sidewalk the entire time and did not try try to pass him.

This isn't the first time skiers have travelled across Toronto in this fashion after major blizzards, including mega storms from January 2019 and 2022 as well.

For today, it seems Baker can hang up the skis as the city works to clear all the snow from both sidewalks, bike lanes and roadways.

Nearly 1,100 salting and ploughing machines have already been deployed across Toronto to clean up, with the city calling it a "multi-day" effort.

But with more snow predicted for the weekend, a probable 10 centimetres from Saturday night into Sunday, it seems ski season is alive in Toronto.

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Scott Baker

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