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Someone in Toronto claims coyote stole their Timmies Iced Capp and it's all on video

A video of a hilarious, but also alarming coyote encounter in Toronto is making the rounds on social media this week, depicting one of the wild canines enjoying a Tim Hortons Iced Capp after allegedly snatching it from the hands of the person filming.

The clip starts with shots of the creature from an uncomfortably close distance at the western edge of Downsview Park along Keele Street.

As the animal lopes past, it seems to become interested in the filmer, changing direction and heading towards them as they yell "hey" in response.

Though the camera pans off the subjects and completely misses the interaction, the pedestrian can be heard again repeating "hey" and "get back here" before righting the shot to show the coyote once more. 

"This motherf***er just stole my Iced Capp!" the man then exclaims.

He then shows the not-at-all small critter lapping away at something from the ground, which does indeed look to be the sort of cup Timmies serves the sweet caffeinated beverage in.

As the post was reshared on viral Toronto Instagram accounts and amassed tens of thousands of views, people had mixed reactions, from sympathy for wildlife in an ever-more human-dominated environment to shock that the resident would be careless enough to get so close to the potentially dangerous animal.

"We ruined his environment, it's a tie," one person wrote.

"It's really kind of scary that a coyote got that close to you to steal your drink," another added.

Others joked that the person was lucky to be spared from the unnecessary hit of sugar from the drink, and that "we've got animals addicted to Tim's now too."

"First there was Cocaine Bear, now there's Caffeine Coyote," the top comment reads.

Though it is unclear how exactly the run-in went down and what happened after the fact due to the limited video evidence, hopefully, no one human or animal was harmed.

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@soflomikey via @6ixdriptv/Instagram

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