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Lightning strikes twice as Brampton lotto player wins big for the second time

Brampton seems to be the city of shamrocks or horseshoes, as a another resident has claimed a gigantic jackpot from an Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) draw after winning an even bigger lottery prize a few years earlier.

This time the luck spree has shown some love to 49-year-old Vishpattie Ibrahim, who won two draws with the LIGHTNING LOTTO from Dec. 19.

Ibrahim scored the top prize and claimed $668, 239. 20 after matching correct five numbers - but also scored an extra toonie on her LIGHTNING LOTTO selection, bumping her total up a whole two dollars.

What's even more impressive about this prize is that Ibrahim won a massive $2 million back in 2018 thanks to the INSTANT SUPREME draw. Talk about lucky!

The shock and confusion was real when Ibrahim checked her winning ticket, as the retail clerk kept repeating, "oh my god!," as the reality set in.

Not fully realizing what was happening, Ibrahim was immediately worried about the clerk's health.

"I was concerned for him, until he told me to look at the screen. I saw Big Winner – I was so excited," she told the OLG.

The reality of being a two-time lottery winner is still hard to fathom for Ibrahim, who now plans to take a luxurious vacation, help her children and save for the future.

"It's hard to wrap my head around! I am so thankful," she said.

The odds of winning with the LIGHTNING LOTTO are 1 in 4.47, according to the OLG, but those odds plummet for jackpot wins like Ibrahim's.

Want to try your hand at this Brampton winning spree? You might want to visit Vani's Convenience on Mountainash Road, the same place Ibrahim's lucky ticket was purchased.

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