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Brampton man makes girlfriend cry by winning the lottery twice in just a month

There is only ever one reason to make your girlfriend cry, and that's if you win the lottery. Twice. In the same month.

One lucky Brampton man has won two draws from the Ontario Lottery Corporation (OLG), prompting his girl to cry mountains of happy tears.

Ryaan Othman is the lucky recipient of $1 million after he correctly matched all seven ENCORE numbers in the Jan. 17 draw.

To make things even luckier, Othman also won an extra $7 on his other selections, bringing his grand total to $1,000,007.

"LOTTO MAX is my favourite game. I don't always add ENCORE, but I changed my mind and added it to my ticket last minute," he told the OLG.

A casual OLG player, self-employed Othman is no stranger to the lottery game. Just a month ago, in December 2022, he won $180,000 with LOTTO MAX.

Not satisfied with his newfound wealth, he kept playing the lottery, only to score a much bigger big win just weeks later.

Just to break down the statistical improbability here, the odds of matching seven individual numbers in the 1-50 range used by ENCORE is an astronomically low 1 in 99,884,400. And that only accounts for one of the two lottery wins in Othman's lucky story.

It's incredibly rare to win the lottery twice (you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice), especially so close to each other, and Othman is completely aware of this.

"I was speechless for at least three minutes. I knew the odds of this happening were slim, but for it to happen twice is out of this world."

Telling the good news to his girlfriend, she immediately started crying, and says she is overjoyed for Othman's life-changing win.

Investments and travels are on the brain for Othman, who told the OLG he feels "on top of the world."

At the end of the day, Othman now has a grand total of $1,180,007 in winnings, and a very happy girlfriend.

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Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

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