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The TTC is shutting down 41 bus stops and an entire transit line for Toronto mega storm

If you we're planning on going into the office or doing some last minute shopping on Friday by using the TTC, you might want to keep reading.

Due to the mega winter storm weather bomb blizzard, the TTC has proactively reduced service along 41 stops even before the snow hits the ground.

The transit agency just announced that 41 bus stops would be temporarily eliminated from operation, in order to "keep everyone moving."

"In order to prevent buses from getting stuck on known icy trouble spots on hills, the TTC is taking 41 stops out of service as of 5 a.m. December 23, the coming storm. We apologize for the inconvenience," read the TTC's social media message.

The bus stops include those on the 7 Bathurst, 29 Dufferin, 47 Lansdowne, 36 Finch West, 25 Don Mills and 36 other lines spread out across the city.

On top of this, Line 3 will be in service on Friday morning but once the "weather turns" the line will completely close and be replaced with buses.

Though streetcar overhead networks and vehicles have already been treated with anti-icing application, there is a chance the 512 St Clair might face issues. Replacement buses are on standby if this does occur.

Toronto and the rest of the province are expected to be walloped by a historic storm with serious rinds, flash freezes, rain, thick snow and ice pellets starting on Thursday night and into the holiday weekend.

It's expected to create such havoc that many city events and attractions have proactively shuttered.

It's also a mess for air travel with Pearson Airport already cancelling flights and announcing delays.

Conditions are expected to let up by Dec. 25 and into Boxing Day.

Stay safe (and warm) out there, Toronto!

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