torontohenge 2022

Toronto's most spectacular sunset of the year happens this week

Get ready for some of the most dramatic sunsets of the year, if the weather cooperates, as the Torontohenge sunset views are back this week for the last occurrence of 2022.

Torontohenge occurs four times per year, when the sun lines up perfectly with Toronto's east-west city grid, creating rare vistas of the sun framed by the city's many skyscraper canyons.

In 2022, there have already been three such alignments, with sunrise Torontohenge events in April and August, and one sunset alignment back in February.

This year's fourth and final Torontohenge — the name being a nod to the prehistoric monument built to align with the sun during solstices — reaches peak conditions at sunset on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

If the forecast cooperates with clear skies (meteorologists predict partially-cloudy conditions on Tuesday) Toronto will be treated to gorgeous views of the setting sun dipping between city landmarks and below the horizon.

Sun-chasers can expect the sunset to occur at 6:18 p.m. on the 25th, but you'll probably want to get into position a good 20 minutes early to see the sun perfectly framed by surrounding buildings.

The most dramatic Torontohenge sunset views can be found in the Financial District along skyscraper-lined streets, including King, Wellington, Adelaide, and Richmond.

The Entertainment District also offers some prime Torontohenge views along routes like King and Adelaide.

Lead photo by

Sandra Herber

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