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People think Canada should leave the Commonwealth and become a republic

Canada has a new head of state in King Charles III, the former Prince of Wales ascending to the British throne and becoming the new symbolic figurehead of the great white north after the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 96 on Thursday.

Many have reacted to the news of QE2's passing solemnly, but others see the change in monarchs as an opportunity for Canada to sever ties with the British Crown and transition to a republic where the Prime Minister, and not a monarch, would serve as the country's head of state.

Calls to abolish the crown are ringing across social media and gathering places such as coffee shops in urban centres like Toronto. Republicanism is a very hot topic right now.

Some argue that Canada transitioning to a republic would be quite a tall order, requiring heavy revisions to the Constitution of Canada that could potentially open the door for a chaotic political period in the country.

Others assert that it would be borderline impossible to ditch the crown.

Though there are no formal plans to break away from the crown, nor have any major federal politician parties advocated for republicanism, in this hypothetical scenario, Canada would not be the first Commonwealth member state to distance itself from the monarchy.

Ireland and India formed republics in 1948 and 1950, respectively, and as of 2022, 36 out of the 56 Commonwealth member states are governed as republics, far outnumbering Constitutional Monarchies like Canada.

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