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Canadians come up with new $20 bill designs to replace Queen Elizabeth II

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the upcoming coronation of King Charles III are fast becoming the hottest news story of 2022, bringing the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations into a new monarchical era with sweeping changes on the horizon.

This accession to the British throne will have some very noticeable effects across the ocean in Canada, including new designs for our coins and banknotes depicting the large-eared visage of the newly-crowned King Charles III.

Currently, all of The Royal Canadian Mint's production coins, as well as The Bank of Canada's $20 banknotes in circulation, bear the face of the newly-departed Queen. But before either has the chance to mint or print new currency, Canadians are coming up with their own unique designs for our future money.

Some aren't happy about the idea of King Charles III gracing the country's iconic green $20 bills, with one Twitter user showing off a comical prediction of what a Charles-faced banknote might look like.

One viral tweet jokingly suggests an entirely new series of banknotes featuring the three titular Trailer Park Boys from the raunchy Canadian mockumentary/sitcom.

Another person nominated Canada's Drag Race contestant Miss Fiercalicious as a fitting replacement for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Not every suggestion for a new $20 banknote has to make sense, so here's a cute bunny.

Queen Elizabeth II has appeared on Canadian $20 bills for almost nine decades, predating her reign as Queen. Her first appearance on any nation's banknotes was in 1935, when the then-eight-year-old princess was featured on a Canadian $20.

The Queen's presence on Canadian currency — dating all the way back to her childhood — will soon come to an end, but for now, Canucks will just have to wait until the eventual reveal of new designs featuring the current King.

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