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Canada falls in world rankings and is no longer considered the best country in the world

While it is widely accepted that Canada is one of the very best places to live in the world, one prestigious ranking shows that it is no longer the best place, apparently.

While U.S. News & World Report, BAV Group, and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School named Canada number one in their annual Best Countries Report last year, in this year's ranking, released on Tuesday, the nation was bumped down the list.

Beating us out for 2022 was Switzerland — which U.S. News says has a strong economy and quality of life — and Germany, putting Canada in third place overall.

The report surveyed more than 17,000 people around the globe to get their feelings on 85 different countries, which were then evaluated across 73 separate attributes that fit into 10 different subrankings, all weighted differently.

These include things like cultural influence, heritage, adventure, entrepreneurship and more.

Canada ranked not only third overall, but also third for both quality of life and agility, and fifth for social purpose. We also came in eighth for entrepreneurship, tenth for "open for business," 12th for power and 15th for cultural influence.

We rated exceptionally well for things such as having a good job market (with a score of 100 per cent), lacking corruption (100 per cent), being family-friendly (98.6 per cent), trustworthy (96.7 per cent) and economically stable (96 per cent).

Canada was also considered adaptable (100 per cent), connected to the world (97 per cent), modern (95.4 per cent), educated (94.6 per cent), and progressive (93.6 per cent), as well as a place for religious freedom (99.8 per cent), racial equality (98.6 per cent) and human rights (96.5 per cent),

Embarrassingly, when it came to the attribute of "sexy" in the adventure subcategory, we got one of our worst scores of any attribute: 3.5 per cent.

Our absolute worst attribute was "cheap manufacturing costs," for which we scored 0.2 per cent, followed by "has a rich history," for which we scored 3.3 per cent.

We also did poorly when it came to being different (7.2 per cent) unique (7.9 per cent), and for our military (7.7 per cent).

We also weren't found to have all that influential of a culture (12 per cent), though we're considered fashionable, happy, modern and prestigious enough to do alright in the subcategory of cultural influence.

And Canada ranked quite terribly when it came to affordability (15.3 per cent), which should surprise absolutely no one who lives here.

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