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Ontario will soon get faster and more efficient train service and it's about time

Canada's federal government announced a number of impending improvements to Southerwestern Ontario's rail service on Aug. 30, assuring travelers that faster, greener and more efficient passenger train service is on the horizon.

Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra said Tuesday that the government will be hiring an external advisor to look into expanding The High Frequency Rail project — set to run on dedicated tracks from Toronto to Quebec City — through the rest of southwestern Ontario.

Though it will no doubt be many years before the high-speed project materializes, the government is also looking into short-term improvements such as increasing train frequency, reducing delays, and making improvements to both comfort and technology options on board trains.

Train stations in Brantford, Chatham, Sarnia and London will likewise see some upgrades later this year, and VIA Rail's train fleet will slowly be replaced in the region.

The first new passenger cars are expected to come into service later this year.

"Travellers in Southwestern Ontario want faster, greener passenger rail service, and I am happy to say that our government remains committed to delivering on High Frequency Rail, stretching from Quebec City to Toronto," Alghabra said in a statement.

"With the engagement of a new external advisor, we are ready to develop options that will enhance passenger rail for communities across Southwestern Ontario."

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