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Someone just maliciously poisoned a bunch of poor little pigeons in Toronto

It takes a very specific type of evil person to want to hurt an innocent animal, even if it's a creature that many might consider a pest or nuisance in the city.

While Toronto wholeheartedly loves its raccoons, it seems fewer people in the city are fans of pigeons, as realistically harmless as they may be.

Sure, they may poop on your property, but the little guys are actually pretty cute, and definitely not deserving of what one person in the city decided to do to them this week.

Local rescue Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) shared a heartbreaking post on its social media channels today describing a malicious poisoning of a flock of pigeons that left many dead, and survivors "shuddering uncontrollably."

The organization was contacted by a number of concerned residents who reported 20 or more deceased pigeons on a patch of grass near Bathurst Street and Steeles Avenue, and next to them, a handful more that were clearly ill and not doing well.

"Three pigeons were found weak, but alive and struggling, and were captured and rushed in for emergency care. Two others were brought in by kind-hearted members of the public," TWC wrote on Instagram and Facebook late Friday morning.

"An empty tray and dish of water were found in the area, but it has not been determined whether this was related to the malicious incident."

Two of the animals in the rescue's care have continued to have painful seizures, which they were treated for with medication to counteract the suspected poison in their systems.

A number of the dead birds were sent for testing to confirm that the flock was indeed deliberately harmed by some twisted person.

"While we await results, we are asking residents in the area to please keep an eye out for suspicious activity and for pigeons who need help," centre staff said.

People are being asked to look out for animals who are convulsing, bleeding from the mouth, or having difficulty flying or moving around.

Anyone who finds an animal in need of medical care should contact TWC's hotline at 416-631-0662.

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Toronto Wildlife Centre

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